Challenges to Overcome When Making Home-Made Table Ware

Among the many home-made table ware pieces such as crockery, cutlery, and glassware, you can easily make some of them at home. It is possible to make clay-based table ware such as dinner plates, side plates, soup bowls and cups, mugs, platters, and more. However, you need some basic pottery skills, which you can easily get by visiting pottery shops such as Supper Club to learn from other enthusiasts. Furthermore, you can take advantage of technology by checking tutorials on media streaming platforms or social media. 

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If you have tried pottery before, you know that the projects might be affected by some challenges that you need to solve to achieve your goals. Newbies can only anticipate because they have not experienced them yet. This article will tackle them here, and you can try these solutions to see. 

Using the Wrong Clay for Home-Made Table Ware

Do you know that there are about four types of clay? These are earthenware clay, porcelain clay, stoneware clay, and ball clay. Stoneware clay is popular for home-made table ware because it is durable, although you can use porcelain as well. But if you are looking for something affordable, earthenware is also good. 

Many home-made table ware makers are faced with a dilemma when buying clay. A wrong choice will not only make it difficult to mold and work with but will produce table ware items that are not durable. So, choose your clay well for the best results.

Lack of Pottery Tools for Home-Made Table Ware

Pottery is an art and craft project that requires quite a number of tools. For home-made table ware projects, you may not have all the necessary tools, and this can hinder you from being a success. Some of the tools you need include a kiln, table surface, cutting wires, rolling tools, a pottery wheel, and brushes. 

While you can use substitutes for some of the tools, the results might not be as perfect as they would have been with the right tools. If you have a challenge getting many of these tools, it would be good to make your home-made table ware at a shop with these amenities. 

Lack of Pottery Skills

One of the biggest drawbacks that can hinder you from making home-made table ware items is a lack of skills in pottery. As mentioned, this is an art, although many people make amazing items with basic pottery skills. If you are just starting in pottery, you might have a challenge making perfect home-made table ware items such as circular plates, symmetrical cups, and the like.

However, one should not be afraid of making mistakes because this is the process of learning. What you need most is time and patience so that you can practice until you make perfect items.

Lack of Time

Lastly, let’s discuss lack of time as a challenge facing people who want to try home-made table ware. We have already mentioned that you need to allocate enough time, especially when learning pottery skills. But if you are especially busy at work or with the family, you should not start to make the home-made table ware items as you might not finish the project. The best solution is to create enough time for all your projects.

Final Words

Although there are some challenges involved in making home-made table ware, you can still make amazing items when you overcome them. Now that you know the major challenges and how to go about them, it is easy to get ready for these projects.


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