20+ Budget-Friendly DIY Farmhouse Storage Ideas to Steal Now

Bringing farmhouse decorating style is totally a recommended option when you are planning to decorate or redecorate your home sweet home. The style will never fail to enhance the beauty and comfort of your space at the same time.

Besides the decor items in farmhouse style, you can also complete each room with some storage stations in similar style to create an ultimate overall look. They will improve the storage of the room and give a more decorative touch at the same time.

These inspiring DIY Farmhouse Storage Ideas below are great references to create some all by yourself at a very low cost.

DIY Farmhouse Storage Ideas

Sleek Rustic Shelf

DIY Farmhouse Storage 1a
Source: oldsaltfarm.com

A sleek rectangular shelf made of wood keeps some metal baskets with fabrics, galvanized steel bins and boxes. Those additional storage stations allow you to hide your items neatly instead of displaying them to everyone. You can see a big chalkboard calendar with a white frame and wreath that even brings the style of the area to a whole new level.

Gorgeous Rolling Crate

DIY Farmhouse Storage 2
Source: alittleofthis—alittleofthat.blogspot.com

Crates will give such a raw vintage touch which is perfect for any room with a farmhouse decorating style. In this idea, the crates are painted white which looks so gorgeous and you can also add your favorite word on its front side. The crates are also completed with caster wheels so you can move the storage here and there easily.

Books Knives Holder

DIY Farmhouse Storage 3
Source: town-n-country-living.com

This clever DIY farmhouse storage idea shows you how to recycle old books to become a unique knife holder. To secure the books altogether, you can use some sturdy rope or twine. Of course, this knife holder will give a distinctive farmhouse touch to the decor of your beloved kitchen.

Fresh Rustic Storage

DIY Farmhouse Storage 4
Source: @anarct

If you prefer to keep your fruits and veggies in the open air, this DIY farmhouse storage is a good reference for you. The storage station simply consists of a tall wood plank and some small wire baskets in white. It’s a very easy and cheap idea to improve the storage in a kitchen with limited space since it doesn’t take up a lot of the space on the flooring.

Floating Fabric Baskets

DIY Farmhouse Storage 5
Source: pinterest.com

An easy storage station that consists of a simple wood structure and fabric baskets. The natural finish of the wood and the vintage pattern of the fabrics make it perfect to complete a laundry room with farmhouse nuance. It’s a very cost-saving storage that you can get done all by yourself in no time.

Over Toilet Shelf

DIY Farmhouse Storage 6
Source: learn.kregtool.com

The area over your toilet can be a good solution to improve the storage of the bathroom when you don’t really have ample space around. Here, a gorgeous wood shelf with 4 spacious trays completes the storage of the room which is enough to keep various bathroom essentials from towels to toilet paper rolls.

Ladder Towel Holder

DIY Farmhouse Storage 7
Source: thewhitelighthousefurniture.co.uk

No, you don’t really need to use a real ladder to steal this idea, but all you need to prepare are some sturdy ropes and wood dowels. You can turn those materials into a ladder-like floating shelf to keep your towels conveniently. For sure, the design of the storage will give a nice earthy touch to the overall look of your bathroom decor in an instant.

Floating Crates Shelf

DIY Farmhouse Storage 8
Source: pinterest.com

To steal this idea, you only need two crates without any need to repaint them. The raw finish of the crates is indeed the main element to complete your farmhouse decor. If you would like to hang those crates in your bathroom, you can use them to keep some rolled or folded towels that you can grab easily whenever you need to use them.

Raw Rustic Ladder

DIY Farmhouse Storage 9
Source: pinterest.com

The ladder storage of this inspiration is made of wood and metal in their natural finish which looks so elegant. The ladder will significantly bring the rustic nuance to the decor of the room in an instant. With a ladder this size, you can hang more than three towels in a very admirable way.

Rustic Clothes Hanger

DIY Farmhouse Storage 10
Source: @arinavatov

A woo board with holes cleverly becomes a storage station that allows you to hang a lot of clothes. The wood board is hung to the support by using sturdy ropes which complement the natural look of the board very well. It’s a very easy project that doesn’t require high woodworking skills at all.

Grater Board Storage

DIY Farmhouse Storage 11
Source: @marialeonor5099

This clever kitchen storage combines a grater and wood-cutting board that you can create easily all by yourself. The grater is attached to the cutting board upside down which then works to keep some utensils and hang a napkin. The combination of those materials creates a unique storage station to add to your farmhouse kitchen, definitely.

Simple Catchy Jars

DIY Farmhouse Storage 12
Source: @galvanivan

A very effortless project to give a more decorative touch to clear glass jars that you can copy right away. Some colorful papers with plaid patterns decorate the jars which are enough to make them fit to complete any room with a farmhouse decorating style. The project only requires one main material which will not cost you a lot at all.

Rustic Rope Can

DIY Farmhouse Storage 13
Source: @jen4754

Do you have a canned soup that is about to throw away? Wait a minute! You can use this idea as a reference to recycle the can and turn it into a lovely farmhouse storage. All you need to do is to wrap the exterior of the cane with jute which will give an earthy texture to the decor of the room.

Gorgeous Framed Hooks

DIY Farmhouse Storage 15
Source: domesticfashionista.com

Attaching the hooks as they are to the walls sounds quite boring, and this idea shows you how to make them look attractive easily. Each hook is decorated with frames in various designs to add a more decorative touch. They are good to decorate your living room or bedroom to keep your favorite items.

Chicken Wire Storage

DIY Farmhouse Storage 16
Source: @7CloversHerbal

As you can see, the materials that you need to build this DIY farmhouse storage are chicken wire and a wood frame. They are easily available in any nearby hardware stores that are sold very cheaply. The storage station is good to keep any tools that you frequently use in your garage.

Rustic Mug Holders

DIY Farmhouse Storage 17
Source: @iulianahantig

Show off your favorite mugs with this simply beautiful storage station that only requires as simple as wood planks and dowels to create. Each wood bar can keep a lot of mugs that you can store and grab quickly anytime. Make sure that you store the mugs with lovely drawings so they will give a decorative touch to the decor of your kitchen or pantry.

Minimalist Rustic Shelf

DIY Farmhouse Storage 18
Source: @selmaherrera88

For a room with a farmhouse decorating style, make your floating shelf look more adorable by adding some ropes just like this idea shows. The ropes work to hold each wood board which also enhances the style of the shelf. You can give the wood board some finish like white to match the color palette of the decor.

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Wine Glass Holders

DIY Farmhouse Storage 19
Source: @Svetlana_MNS

If you’d like to display your wine glasses or simply grab them easier, this DIY farmhouse storage is the one that you’ll love. The wine holder is made of wood pallet which is finished in greyish look. To hold each glass, a couple of long nails are attached to the wood construction. You won’t have to spend a lot to build this beautiful wine glass holder.

Rustic Storage Posts

DIY Farmhouse Storage 20
Source: @gigiclean

A couple of wood posts with metal hooks and rings improve the storage of the bathroom which is so inspiring to try. The design is so simple which makes it so easy to build all by your self. The posts are enough to keep a towel, toilet paper roll, and toilet brush. It’s a unique storage station which is perfect for a bathroom with a limited space.

Rustic Freestanding Storage

DIY Farmhouse Storage 21
Source: pinterest.com

This adorable storage is designed in free-standing style which makes it has nice portbility. The storage consists of some square wood blocks and metal hooks which work well to keep some mugs, keys, or other small items. You can place this type of storage in your entryway or pantry.

Decorative Farmhouse Box

This project shows how to turn an old wood box into a nice storage station with a farmhouse look. The box is painted white and decoeated with farmhouse drawing in black. The storage station is good to keep yoru favorite items neatly or display some flowers.

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Those farmhouse storage ideas will enhance not only the comfort of your house but the beauty of the decor at the same time. You just have to choose the storage station that really suits your needs and taste now!

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