20+ DIY Colorful Patio Decor Ideas | Easy & Cheap Project

Decorating your patio is super fun! You can plan to execute the project when summer is coming. You may always be able to buy some decor items in nearby decor stores, but they may be quite expensive.

That being said, creating some decor items to beautify your outdoor living space can be a fun thing to do. Below, check out some clever DIY Colorful Patio Decor Ideas that you can copy easily without costing you a lot!

DIY Colorful Patio Decor Ideas

Colorful Sign Rocks

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 1
Source: evermine.com

These rocks are great to complete the decor of your garden. They will tell everyone about the particular area of the garden in a very cute way. All you need to do is gather some rocks around your backyard and paint them with any colors that you love and vegetation that you have in your garden.

Decorative Painted Beehive

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 2
Source: gardentherapy.ca

It’s never a bad idea to add a wooden beehive to your outdoor living space, but why don’t you make it look more decorative just like this idea shows? The beehive is painted with floral drawings which will flow beautifully with the natural surrounding of your patio. It may require some painting skills, but you can do it all by yourself easily at home.

Hanging Tire Planter

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 3
Source: diyshowoff.com

A hanging planter will never fail to give a decorative statement to the overall look of your patio and this idea shows how to make one out of a used tire. The tire is painted blue which instantly makes it look way more attractive. Once it’s painted, you just have to add some flowers with potting soil and a sturdy rope to hang the planter.

Artsy Colorful Shutters

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 4
Source: hoosierhomemade.com

Do you have some old shutters that have been sitting in your garage or basement? Well, this idea is a good reference to turn them into some DIY colorful patio decor items. The shutters are painted in various colors which instantly bring the style of the patio to a whole new level.

Colorful Key Chime

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 5
Source: giving.innerchildfun.com

Wind chime is not only a nice deco item to make your outdoor living space but it also gives a fun element around the area. In this idea, you can use old materials to create a wind chime that everyone will surely adore.

Prepare these materials:

  1. Unused keys
  2. Twif or drift wood
  3. Fishing line or string
  4. Acrylic paint

Of course, it’s a very low-budget project that will give a unique decorative touch that you can get done all by yourself easily.

So those are some attractive DIY colorful patio decor ideas that you can create all by yourself at home without spending a lot at all! Just choose the one that you really love and decorate your beloved patio now!

Colorful Tropical Planters

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 6
Source: thecraftedsparrow.com

The look of these planters is inspired by some fruits which look so catchy. They will give a tropical touch to the overall look of your outdoor living space. All you need to prepare is some terracotta planters in various sizes and acrylic paint to get the project done.

Stenciled Garden Rocks

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 7
Source: designimprovised.com

It’s another DIY colorful patio decor that uses rocks as the main material. Here, the rocks are painted in shades of blue and decorated with gorgeous planters. These stenciled rocks will give a unique tone to the natural surrounding of your outdoor space.

Cute Ladybug Balls

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 8
Source: artdrops–tatjana-blogspot-com

Your kids will love to play around the patio once you add these cute ladybugs to the decor.  You can create these ladybugs by using cheap materials such as:

  • Golf balls
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray primer
  • Acrylic paint

With such easily-available materials, you will have unique decor items to decorate your outdoor living space.

Polkadot Can Planters

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 9
Source: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

This idea shows how to recycle big food cans that you can try to create all by yourself easily in no time. The cans are painted in various colors and decorated with polka dot patterns. You can either place those catchy planters on the floor of your patio or hang them on the fence for a more admirable look.

Flowe Garden Rocks

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 10
Source: @2012mkc

It seems that rock is one of the most favorite materials when it comes DIY colorful patio decor items. In this idea, the rocks are painted in colorful looks which form the flowers on the black soil. Those rock flowers will give a nice colorful touch in a very distinctive way that you can steal easily.

Unique Brick Books

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 11
Source: @lhy

Painting bricks to make them look like books is kind of popular today and you can create ones easily all by yourself. You have to paint mainly the top and bottom parts of the brick with the book covers and the sides to look like paper. They will decorate the overall look of your patio in a very distinctive way.

Gorgeous Can Lantern

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 12
Source: @junedcraft

Add another lighting source to your patio with his gorgeous lantern that you can make out of cans. You will need to cut the can with the sharp tool so you need to be careful in executing the project. To add the light, you can use either real cancel or battery-powered tealights.

Colorful Collander Planters

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 13
Source: plan-itvicki.com

These hanging planters are made of colanders which can be a good reference if you have some that you no longer use. The colanders fit really well for you who have an outdoor living space with a vintage overall look. The sturdy jute is used to hang the planters that will not cost you a lot at all.

Planters Wind Chime

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 14
Source: lodijoella.net

This wind chime is made of planters in various sizes which is worth adding to your list of inspiration. The planters are also painted in various colors which make the wind chime look way more attractive. The cost to create this decor item is so low but you will have a unique element added to the overall look of your patio.

Decorative Metal Butterflies

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 15
Source: notonthehighstreet.com

For those who are planning to decorate a boring wall on your patio, this idea is the one that you can use for ultimate reference. The butterflies are made of metal that you can get from used tin cans. You can stick the metal butterflies to the wall or fence close to your beloved patio.

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Flying Bee Craft

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 16
Source: diyncrafts.com

Another DIY colorful patio decor that your kids would love to have! This one is a bee made of a tin can, black tape, pieces of plastic, and thread. Since the steps are so easy, your kids can even help to create the bee. This is a cute decor item that you can hang on the tree or any tall structure on your patio.

Moroccan Rectangular Planter

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 17
Source: plaidonline.com

If you love Bohemian decorating style, adding this gorgeous planter is definitely a good idea. It’s a rectangular wood planter that is decorated with a colorful Moroccan pattern. You don’t have to worry about the painting steps since you can use a stencil to create the pattern easily without hassles. The planter works really well to keep your favorite succulents stylishly.

Bottle Cap Flowers

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 18
Source: suburbia-unwrapped.com

Recycling always sounds fun, doesn’t it? Here, some cute flowers made of bottle caps decorate a garden that looks so inspiring to try.

Here’s what you need to prepare:

  • Used bottle caps (you’ll need more than 5 caps for one flower)
  • Outdoor-rated paints
  • Wooden skewers

Those materials are so cheap, but you will have something unique to beautify your outdoor living space.

Bike Tire Planter

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 19
Source: @bankiesbrillbb

If you have an old bike that you no longer use, this idea is a clever inspiration to turn its bike into a mesmerizing decor item. The tire works to keep some planters made of tin cans in colorful looks. For sure, this hanging planter will become the main focal point of your outdoor living space in an instant.

Pallet Vertical Garden

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 20
Source: @croarte1

For sure, a vertical garden will never fail to bring the style of your outdoor living space t a whole new level. In this idea, a large pallet is painted light blue which then becomes the main structure for a vertical garden. You can always add your favorite colorful flowers to the garden.

Minimalist Hanging Planters

DIY Colorful Patio Decor 21
Source: @vallarikamble

This idea shows how to create beautiful hanging planters that you can copy easily at home. The planters are made of sleek wood boards and clear glass jars. The boards are painted in various colors and you can even write your favorite quotes on the boards.

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Have you found the best DIY colorful patio decor to beautify your very own outdoor space? Well, those ideas don’t require expensive materials and complicated steps at all, so you can always choose the one that really suits your needs and taste!

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