Things you should know while choosing the right glass for your construction project

Glass has been around since the very inception of time. It is the magic material that shows its excellence and utility everywhere. Be it a coffee table in the living room, a glass accessory in the bedroom, or huge glass building facades, glass is everywhere around us. And it is evolving with time. The material that used to shatter on a little impact can hold bridges and buildings now without even cracking. Different manufacturing techniques and additives are used to instill different properties in glass according to its utility in different projects.

The role of glass in the architecture industry has evolved big time and it is now considered an important structural component in construction projects. Understanding the utility and importance of glass in construction projects, we have scoured through the archive and gathered some important information on the right glass for construction projects. Here we go!

Things you should know When Choosing the right Glass for Construction Project 

The glass used in a construction project can either make a project value or break it (quite literally though!). So, you should pay special attention to the glass quality and properties and make sure that the type of glass you choose has all the qualities you are aiming for. For this, first, you should understand your project requirement and see what the scope of your projects is? Apart from your project-specific considerations, here are some things you should see before making a decision about the type of glass.

  • Strength and Stability – To Avoid Any Undesirable Situations

For construction projects, strength holds the key value. When constructing buildings with glass facades, the first concern is to maintain high security and avoid any risks of damage. Consider the worst-case scenario and be prepared for that. For instance, angry mobs protesting for their demands can damage the glass buildings or a burglar can break, and enter if the glass used is not of high quality. So make sure to invest in a strong glass that can resist hard impacts.

What Do We Recommend?

Temper glass is a great pick here. Its extensive manufacturing process makes it almost unbreakable. It’s highly resistant to impacts but when broken, it shatters into small pieces making an easy entry into the building.

Laminated glass is another option for construction projects. It has high strength and safety value. Unlike tempered glass, on very hard impacts it does not shatter into small pieces thus preventing any unwanted entry into the building.

To achieve a very high level of security, glass layering can be employed. Tempered glass layered with laminated glass will make breaking as well as entering extremely hard.

  • Thermal Insulation – To Withstand Weather Changes

The weather conditions vary in every area. Sun is up and hot in many regions while it’s freezing cold in others.

There are variants of glass that block excessive heat to pass through and others hold the heat inside. So be mindful of the climate conditions. The glass you choose should work with the region-specific weather conditions.

What Do We Recommend?

Glass is usually glazed for better thermal performance. So look for the glazing unit to specify the right glass for your construction project.

For cold places, look for the glass type that can harness the winter sun and keep the heat in. Low-E glass is suitable to keep the buildings warm and well-lit.  For hot areas, opt for the glass with a low solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) to ensure the easy functioning of air conditioning systems. Double-paned glass is also used to hinder the heat from coming in.

  • Fire Rating – Don’t Get Burned Up 

Do we really need to look for the fire-rated glass? Well, the answer is quite simple and precise, better safe than sorry!

Ordinary glass is not resistant to fire that’s why it’s a bad choice for construction projects. However, fire-resistant glass is being used as a structural component in buildings. For commercial projects, using fire-rated glass is a must according to the general rule. However, one should choose fire-rated glass for small projects too, in order to avoid any undesirable conditions.

What Do We Recommend?

Tempered glass is manufactured through an extensive super-heating process. Therefore, it can endure high temperatures. It is resistant to almost 500 degrees Fahrenheit. However, glass is sometimes glazed to make it fireproof. Go for fireproofing and ensure safety. Click over this URL ( to know more deeper about when we called a glass is genuinely tempered now!

  • Transparency And Clarity – For the Ultimate Glossy-Posh Feel 

The reason why glass is so frequently used in commercial building projects is due to its fine and classy feel. The glass used in construction projects is usually exposed to different weather conditions. So, make sure to choose the glass that doesn’t lose its refined feel and polished look after some time.

What Do We Recommend?

Both tempered and laminated glass has a transparent and clear look. Tempered glass is immune to scratches and resistant to environmental wear and tear. It is economical and easily available too, so it’s a great pick for construction projects.

  • Acoustic Insulation – To Avoid Noise 

Commercial areas can be noisy. However, how can you focus when you are constantly hearing the traffic honking and people shouting?

Soundproof glass is, therefore, used in noisy places to reduce the noise pollution or completely eliminate it. This type of glass is usually employed in meeting or conference rooms.

What Do We Recommend?

Noise, no doubt, is a disturbing element. So bring it down with the right glass. Polyvinyl glass is usually used to reduce sound or you can also go for glazing.

  • Building Codes – To Ensure Safety Requirements

In any construction project, be it huge or small, you must have to adhere to some codes and laws regulated by the area administration. Consult some experts or peers to understand the specific restrictions and laws. However, for the general recommendation, you can visit the locals or some peers.

What Do We Recommend?

Apart from the exclusive area codes, the general rule of thumb used in commercial buildings is to use safety glass. Tempered glass resonates well with the safety requirements, as it does not pose a threat even when broken. It also is a great pick to use at places with uneven flooring and trip hazards. Glass panels, doors, partitions, and elevators should also be made with toughened glass to ensure high safety value.

And Finally… The Affordability!

Don’t go overboard while looking for a material that holds all your desired properties. Don’t compromise on quality and opt for a material that falls in your budget too. We can say that tempered glass is the all-in-one solution we are looking for. It’s easily available, economical, and has high strength and safety value. However, your pick may vary depending on your project requirements.

Make sure to keep the goal in mind. Understand the properties you are looking for and make the right pick.

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