Common Pests That Need Professional Help in Brandon, MS

Brandon, MS, is part of the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical area. It is ranked among the top ten places to live in Mississippi. The high standard of living is why people choose to live in this beautiful city.

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With a growing number of residents in Brandon, homes can often be infested with pests. Pests are not just crawling creatures that thrive on your leftovers or feast on dead trees, and they may also annoy you with their presence around the house. Therefore, pest infestation happens to all homes. You can face a pest infestation indoors as well as outside the home.

Hence, you may need the help of pest control Brandon MS, to restore the home’s original state. For this, it is essential to choose the right pest control company in Brandon, MS, so that you can get your problem resolved with the least amount of hassle.

Here are some common pests and how a pest removal service can help you remove them.


Ants are everywhere. They make their homes where there is food and moisture. You will be surprised, but there could be a wide range of ant species that may invade your home. They will feast on anything that contains sugar or protein-like sweet syrups inside your kitchen appliances, which means you need to stay away from them at all costs.

Ants usually have a prodigious jaw to chew through anything, including the most robust material like wood and concrete. This means it is vital to hire Brandon pest control technicians for assistance.

Bed bugs

According to statistics, 14 million households in America report pest problems in their homes. Bed Bugs are nocturnal insects that like to crawl into your bed while you sleep. They can be difficult to spot because they look like common pests, scaly insect bodies, six legs, two antennae. Only their size is different (bed bugs are smaller than ants).

They may hide in your furniture or cracks in the wall, lurking in dark places while waiting for an opportune time to feed on you. When there is no food around their nest, bed bugs will look for shelter like your cozy bed, where they will bite you during the night.

Bed bugs are hard to spot since they resemble dust or dirt. However, you can find them if you look around your bed’s sheets and mattress. If bitten by bed bugs, it may lead to skin irritation like hives or reddish spots on your body.

Therefore, seek professional help from pest control in Brandon, MS, to get rid of bed bugs.


According to a demographics report, the current population of Brandon is around 23,930. And homes are filled with a variety of furniture. If you have wooden furniture, termites may settle in them and wooden walls of your house that are moist.

Termites eat wood for food, so it is vital to call pest control technicians before the infestation gets out of hand. Termite nests are difficult to notice because they look like an ordinary mound of dirt. Termites are tiny, so it is hard to see them with the naked eye. They can do maximum damage to your property if left untreated, which is why it is best to call a professional pest control service in Brandon, MS, as soon as you suspect termite infestation.


Mosquitoes are tiny flying insects that suck blood from animals and people for sustenance. Female mosquitoes need blood to lay eggs, and they will feast on you if they are given the opportunity. Mosquitoes are seen in stagnant water, so they are commonly found near ponds, lakes, and other places where water does not move. They may also carry malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever.

Hence, it is essential to use mosquito repellent and call a pest control company in Brandon, MS, to eliminate mosquitoes that are making your home their breeding ground.


Raccoons are common in North America and Brandon, MS. They are intelligent animals that can open jars, doors, and other types of containers. If they invade your home, they will search for food and shelter.

According to the realtors, you can find some of the best single-family homes, townhomes, and condos in Brandon, MS. Raccoons usually live in trees, but they will enter homes with an easy opportunity. They may damage your property while looking for food, which is why you need pest control technicians to get them out of your home.


Rodents are common in Brandon, MS, and they always search for food. They like to chew through walls and cables that may lead to electricity outages or fires. Hence, it is essential to call pest control technicians immediately if rodents are invading your home. Rodents carry salmonella, hantavirus, and bubonic plague, making them dangerous home invaders. If the infestation gets out of hand, it may cause structural damage and spread diseases throughout your house.

You should make sure you act fast when there is ever an infestation inside your property. Get help from the experts for all your pest control needs in Brandon, MS. With knowledge and experience, they can get rid of any pest infestation.

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