Why Use Motorized Shades?

When designing your home’s interior and layout, there are many options available to make daily living more convenient. One such option is installing motorized shades. If you’ve never heard of motorized shades, or never considered them an option, a quick internet search will return several click here links to inform you about what motorized shades. One of the first things you’ll learn is that motorized shades come in an assortment of designs and colors with customized options available to fit your needs. Companies such as West Lake Hills Motorized Shades can help you find shades that fit your home no matter your need or window layout. Motorized shades offer many benefits to homeowners and here are some reasons you’d want to add them to your home.

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Seven Benefits of Motorized Shades

  1. Safety: traditional shades make use of long cords which can be hazardous. If you have young children or pets the safety of your home is a top concern. Removing something that can tangle or entrap (such as a long hanging cord) makes your home safer. Motorized shades don’t make use of cords, making for a safer product.
  2. Ease of Use: one of the key reasons homeowners purchase motorized shades is due to the simple convenience they provide. Motorized shades can be lowered from across the room at the touch of a button and if you ever forget to close them it’s a simple problem to correct. In addition, some homes have very high windows which can make lower manual shades difficult by installing motorized shades you don’t have to worry about reaching. 
  3. Smart Home Integration: if you already have a smart home or smart device such as a thermostat or lighting system, motorized shades can be a useful addition. Many motorized shades can be integrated into your existing smart home configuration and controlled with the same central app. This makes your smart home more effective and allows your shades to work alongside existing systems and components.
  4. Scheduling and Accessibility: many motorized shades are quite advanced and can work with smartphones. This allows you to check your shades from anywhere, allowing you to keep your home safe even if you’re away from it or simply close a shade if you forgot. Also, you can schedule your shades to open and close on a schedule. Scheduling is quite convenient and also gives the appearance that someone is home when you’re away, increasing safety.
  5. Protect Your Furniture: direct ultraviolet rays can cause damage to your furniture such as fading. This discoloration can make your furniture unsightly and lead to unneeded refinishing and replacement. By using motorized shades, you can limit sun exposure and help your furniture last longer.
  6. Lower Energy Costs: when combined with a sun sensor, your motorized shades can be configured to automatically lower during the brightest and hottest parts of the day. This can reduce the amount of heat that gets into your home via sunlight on warm days, which can keep your home’s temperature lower. This reduces AC use, which in turn can lower your monthly energy costs.
  7. Increased Privacy: everyone has left the shades open when they didn’t mean to. With motorized shades, you can quickly lower them, increasing your privacy instantly and from anywhere in your home. This is useful when you have to quickly check on emergencies while changing or leave the bath to answer your phone in the other room.

Final Thoughts

Motorized shades not only add class to your home, they are also simple and useful to have. Raising and lowering your shades is one of those common activities that you do so often you don’t put much thought into it. However, it is a common task that can be greatly improved and streamlined. Adding motorized shades to your home can make daily living far more relaxing.

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