Creative Ways of Whitewashing and Upscaling Your Brick Walls.

Are you looking to renovate your house but not knowing where to start? Do you feel that your lovely home is losing its charm? Are you searching for creative ideas for your interior white brick walls?

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These are some of the questions people encounter when trying house remodeling. Your house is a beautiful place and needs maintenance from time to time. For example, your fireplace is an excellent place for family gatherings. However, the brick walls need a whitewash as the colors are fading. Moreover, the site looks a bit shady due to your furniture settings. These are some of the reasons people chose to whitewash their houses. Here, you can find an interesting whitewashing brick tutorial for understanding various ways and tips of whitewashed brick walls. Read on to know about whitewashing methods and steps to expose your brick walls.

Whitewashing your brick walls creates a strong accent.

Whitewashing brick walls introduce a distinctive accent in your rooms. They tend to become an epicenter of your living, dining, or bedroom. Hence, you have to decide whether to go for the whitewash of your house’s brick walls. There could be reasons your home requires a whitewash to give that vintage and artistic feel to your living space.

You can consider whitewashing your brick walls behind the TV set, for starters. Other areas for consideration are your bedroom or the living room. These areas shall give a subtle and artistic accent to your home. Subtle colors are a pretty good option and fit in perfectly with different areas and surfaces of your house. It also offers several design variants to build around these colors. For example, people usually whitewash their fireplaces to give a vintage feeling inside the house. It also makes the place suitable for large family gatherings.

Creative ways to upscale your exposed white brick walls

There are several ways you can whitewash your brick walls. Moreover, whitewashing is an age-old tradition. For example, ancient people in Rome used a limestone wash to protect their houses from insects and other pests. Other methods include normal whitewash and German Schmear, also called mortar wash. Moreover, latex paints and the amount of water define the opacity of the whitewashed bricks.

The whitewashed bricks provide a chalky appearance and act as perfect choices in low visibility areas. You can even choose to whitewash your exterior brick walls for a more subtle look. Moreover, to give a cozy appearance to your rooms, you can upscale your white brick walls in the below ways:

  1. In contrast, a combination of unfinished and raw brick walls with dark tiles adds a rustic texture. The difference gives an elegant look to your rooms. You can also go for subtle colors for areas of high gatherings in your house.
  2. Limewash allows a brick wall to rejuvenate and ensures a delicate and porous finish to the entire design. The number of limewash coats applied will eventually increase the opacity levels making it appear much whiter. Hence, it is crucial to select the number of washes you require.
  3. Adding windows is a fantastic idea to give your house a vintage look. It also makes the room appear big and allows ample natural light to fill those dark corridors.
  4. Another way to provide a modern look for your exposed brick walls is by framing them. Attaching mirror frames or portraits gives an illusion of a bigger room.

Tips for whitewashing your exposed brick walls.

Usually, people choose white brick walls as it provides openness and allows more light to reflect in your room. Many people plan to whitewash their dining space, living space, or fireplace. Whitewashing your interior brick walls will eventually enhance and emphasize the design style of your intended room. It also creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere rejuvenating your mood. For example, white brick walls can effectively gel in with your house furniture giving it a traditional or vintage look.

  1. Use of latex paints as compared to other cheap colors.
  2. Carefully apply the whitewash coat and maintain the opacity levels.
  3. Using a paintbrush and a sponge for whitewashing the brick walls.

Key takeaways on whitewashing

Nowadays, professional interior designers suggest extraordinary ways that give a distinctive appearance to your living, dining, and bedrooms. It all starts with whitewashing your rooms. Many people like to share their brick walls with vintage and artistic looks but are unaware of the ideas. For example, white walls provide a solid and versatile center focus point. It helps to emphasize your living, dining, or bedroom space to an entirely new level. Design styles such as Shabby chic, rustic, Boho Chic, Loft style, and classic easily match the brick walls. In addition, you can choose to whitewash the house interiors or exteriors depending on the budget and overall outer look.

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