How Plexiglass Can Replace Clear Glass?

Plexiglass has been in the market for quite a while now. It is considered a perfect alternative to glass. Many industries are now using plexiglass sheets instead of clear glass. From windows to building facades and furniture to DIY home improvement projects, plexiglass is becoming popular in each and every application. 

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You would probably be through the debate of glass vs plexiglass, let’s now discuss how plexiglass is taking over the glass industry.  We will go through the common applications of plexiglass and see how acrylic glass replaced glass in that particular application. So let’s get into it!

Interior Design and Décor Projects 

Let’s start with the most commonly reported applications of glass and plexiglass. Our home interiors incorporate plenty of glass products. So it’s a wide area where plexiglass has worked its wonders. 

  • Furniture 

The era of solid wood furniture is long gone. It’s the zenith of clear furniture. Clear glass furniture is the benchmark of contemporary interior design. However, glass tabletops and other furniture items are more prone to damage. Moreover, a cracked or damaged glass furniture item poses a safety threat to the residents. 

Plexiglass is a safe and durable alternative in this case. Clear acrylic sheets offer a clean look and offer better safety. Plexiglass sheets are practically unbreakable so you can use more clear furniture in your house without worrying about your kids or pets. 

  • Walls and Partitions 

Clear walls and partitions are often used in offices. Glass walls should be thick enough to stand any hard impact. 

On the contrary, plexiglass sheets serve as the perfect clear walls. They offer the same aesthetic appeal as glass while also providing a break-free alternative. Acrylic glass walls and partitions, therefore, are perfect for use in offices. 

  • Floating Shelves 

The wooden floating shelves have long been replaced by the clear glass shelves. Although toughened glass is used in floating shelves. But it still has some load-bearing limitations. 

Acrylic glass shelves provide a sturdy alternative to glass shelves. You can put any amount of items on the shelves without stressing over the strength factor of the floating shelves. 

  • Glass Backsplash

The contemporary interiors support a clean and refined kitchen which is achieved through the glass backsplash. The glass backsplash makes the kitchen easy to clean and gives an upscale look to the interior. However, the glass used in the kitchen backsplash can be damaged due to an impact. 

Clear acrylic sheets, on the other hand, render an even better look to the kitchen. Plexiglass is impact resistant so even on a hard impact, the backsplash would not get damaged. Enjoy a rock-hard kitchen backsplash with clear acrylic sheets.

Outdoor Applications 

The above-mentioned applications are just a few picks from the huge number of utilities of plexiglass. We will now move on to the outdoor applications of plexiglass sheets and explore how plexiglass has impacted outdoor applications. 

  • Windows and Doors 

Since the very start of sophisticated construction, man has been looking to make the windows and doors indestructible. No matter how thick glass sheets we use in the windows and doors, they are still vulnerable to breaking to some extent. 

Plexiglass windows and doors have solved this issue. This thermoplastic serves as the perfect material for windows and doors. The plexiglass windows and doors offer many benefits over clear glass windows. Plexiglass sheets have better light transmission than glass. They are more durable and provide protection against UV radiation. So installing plexiglass windows and doors is a win-win in all aspects. 

  • Greenhouse

For a long time, owning a greenhouse was just a far-fetched fantasy of every gardener. There was no other material available for building a greenhouse except for glass and a glass greenhouse costs an arm and a leg so nobody could have a backyard greenhouse. 

Thanks to the invention of plexiglass, the dream of having a greenhouse has become a reality for everyone. Plexiglass greenhouse costs much less as compared to glass one. It also offers better conditions for plant growth so clear acrylic sheets have taken the lead here as well. 

  • Patio Furniture

The patio furniture is more exposed to the weather changes so it should be resilient enough to stand the changing weather conditions. Glass is vulnerable to breaking due to the weather changes. 

Plexiglass can take the weather changes without getting damaged so plexiglass is the new “basic material” for patio furniture now. 

Art and Craft Projects 

The rise in the DIY trend has encouraged us all to explore our creative spirits. DIY home improvement projects are cherished more than pre-made items. Therefore everyone is on to enhancing their home interiors on their own.

Glass is a common element in home improvement items. However, using it in DIY projects comes under the list of “Impossibles” because glass cut to size is almost impossible at home. So the projects that involve glass automatically were unimaginable. But plexiglass has changed the course of things. 

Clear acrylic sheets are used in replacement to glass in the DIY projects. It can easily be cut according to any size at home. You don’t need any fancy tools and gear to cut plexiglass so clear plexiglass items can now be easily made at home. 

Acrylic mirrors have also made a mighty entrance in the home decor industry. Unlike conventional mirrors, acrylic mirrors can be cut in any shape, style, and size. You can create a complete wall-art with acrylic mirrors. 

Wrapping It Up

The above discussion shows that calling plexiglass a perfect alternative to glass is not baseless. Acrylic glass has proved its worth in each and every field of life. Its wide range of utilities suggests the value of acrylic glass. You won’t go wrong by choosing plexiglass over clear glass. 

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