Craziest Amazing 5′ DIY Magic Faucet Fountain Tutorial for Your Patio

Fountain is surely one thing that you can’t miss when you are having a plan to execute some outdoor living space’s improvement. It provides you lots of benefits which then enhances the value and look of your property.

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Nowadays, you can find thousands of fountain designs that will blow your mind. Some are made in a classic style, and others in the modern one. You can always choose a fountain that’ll match the overall look of your backyard beautifully.

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For sure, you can always purchase a fountain from some shops, but it may sound a little bit too boring. So, creating one by yourself sounds more fun and you can make your own signature fountain.

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There are lots of creative DIYers who have created some inspiring backyard’s fountain that you can try. One of them is Percy Lipinski who created aboutA�5′ DIY magic faucet fountain that is very easy to make.

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Here, we provide you a brief tutorial on how to make this amazing DIY magic faucet fountain!

DIY Magic Faucet Fountain Tutorial

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Things that you’ll need to prepare:

  1. 4″ Tee Fitting
  2. 4″ Elbow Fitting
  3. 2″ Transparent ABS pipe
  4. 4″ to 2″ Reducer
  5. ABS Glue
  6. PVC Glue
  7. Fountain Pump
  8. Gold and Red Spray paint
  9. Thick Foamboard

Steps that you’ll need to do:A�

  1. Start by arranging the pipe, fittings, reducer and the caps, laying them on the ground then figure out the faucetA�design that you’re going to make.DIY magic faucet fountain 4
  2. Glue them together by using the PVC glue, get rid the excessive glue that may mess the surface of the fitting.
  3. Spray paint the fittings by using the gold finish or another color as you wish.
  4. While waiting for the fitting paint to dry, start making the faucet handle out of the foam board. You can create your own handle design.DIY magic faucet fountain 9
  5. Spray pain the foamboard, try to make it look like a real one.
  6. Glue the handle to the top of the cap by using the glue gun.DIY magic faucet fountain 10
  7. Attach the ABS clear pipe to the reducer, use the ABS glue to secure it.DIY magic faucet fountain 8
  8. Assemble the plumbing on the ground of the fountain base, ask an electrician if you can’t execute this step.DIY magic faucet fountain 6

Easy right? But the result is totally amazing! This DIY magic faucet fountain will become a catchy focal point in your backyard!

Once you got a fountain in your backyard, you will have a more beautiful outdoor space which is very enjoyable to watch about. The fountain will match the backyard’s environmentA�and of course, makes it look so wonderful.

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Then, the sound of splashing water is undeniably relaxing. It will reduce the annoying noise from the nearby streets and give you a more exhilarating sound that can relax your mind.

Especially for you who live in a dry area, having a fountain is very recommended since it can help to increase the humidity level around your house. Therefore, you will have a cleaner and fresher air.


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Moreover, when you have a fountain in your backyard, the lovely birds and colorful insects will gather around to enjoy its refreshing atmosphere.

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