20+ Beautiful DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece Ideas on a Budget

There’s nothing more exhilarating than bringing the beach vibe to your house with the help of a nautical decorating style. You can feel the fun without having to go to the actual beach.

To complete your nautical house, adding a table centerpiece with a coastal look sounds like a great idea. The good news is, there’s no need for you to purchase pricey decor items because you can actually create some all by yourself.

In this article, we share with you some inspiring DIY nautical table centerpiece ideas to add to your inspiration list!

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece Ideas

Gorgeous Nautical Cloche

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 1
Source: 2beesinapod.com

A big dry starfish, an antique bottle, and some beach glass fill a clear glass cloche with a metal platter as its base. This decor item is enough to become a centerpiece that everyone will adore. The design of this centerpiece is perfect to decorate your small coffee or dining table since it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Simple Rustic Centerpiece

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 2
Source: thesweetsensations.com

Rustic touch is kind of essential when it comes to a nautical decorating style and this idea can be a good reference. A dry starfish, beach stocks, and a sailing ship model decorate a woven mat which creates a nice rustic centerpiece for a nautical dining room. It’s a very easy idea that you can create all by yourself.

Nautical Candle Holder

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 3
Source: acrosstheblvd.com

A candle is surely a great addition to give a cozy warm nuance when you are having dinner with your beloved family. The main structure of the stunning candle holder in a nautical theme is made of a Tera Cotta planter with its dish which is painted in blue. Some seashells, rocks, a dry starfish, and rope then decorate the candle holder gorgeously.

Three-tiered Nautical Centerpiece

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 4
Source: romantichome.blogspot.com

If you are looking for a big DIY nautical table centerpiece, this idea should be the one on your top list. Each level of this three-tiered tray is filled with tons of nautical elements like seashells, starfishes, rocks, and even sea moss. Thanks to those deep trays which are spacious enough to hold those nautical items beautifully.

Glass Candle Holder

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 5
Source: theartsycajun.com

A gorgeous big candle holder is filled with sand, corals, starfishes, and seashells which is perfect to decorate a coffee or side table in your living room. The leg of the glass holder is decorated with a ring of berries in shades of blue. To complement the candle holder, you can also consider adding some mason jars in blue.

Simple Catchy Decor

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 6
Source: mariapauzer

This one is a very effortless DIY nautical table centerpiece that you can create easily in no time. Some cylinder glasses in various sizes are filled with sand and nautical elements in shades of blue and white. To give a more decorative touch, some twines also decorate the glass.

Wine Glass Candles

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 7
Source: @latinasuga09

Do you have too many wine glasses in your house? Well, turn them into some nautical decor items just like this idea shows. The wine glasses are placed upside down and the main part of the glass is filled with blue decorative gravel and seashells. Place some small candles on top of the bottom part of the wine glass and you’ll have an aesthetic table centerpiece!

Simple Nautical Bowl

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 8
Source: settingforfour.com

If you are looking for a last-minute DIY nautical table centerpiece, this idea is a very good inspiration. The project is so simple that you can get done in no time.

Here’s what you will need:

  1. Large bowl
  2. White corals
  3. White and brown starfishes
  4. Seashells
  5. Jute bowls

All you need to do is to beautifully arrange those elements to create a gorgeous centerpiece for your nautical dining room.

Fresh Rustic Style

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 9
Source: @valentina090182

In this idea, you will not really use a lot of beach elements to create a DIY nautical table centerpiece. The focus of the decor is on those succulents which will freshen up the air around your dining table naturally. The main elements that bring the nautical vibe to the centerpiece are the thick rope and some starfishes.

Coaster Candle Holders

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 10
Source: pinterest.com

Some chubby coasters are turned into candle holders in this idea that you can copy easily at home. The neck of the coaster is wrapped with some rope which makes it look beautifully rustic. The next thing that you need to do is to simply fill the coaters with sand and put a pillar candle in.

Group of Jars

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 11
Source: @tonylyn16

Some glass mason jars are painted white and blue in striped patterns that look so catchy to decorate your dining or coffee table. To make it more nautical, each decor is decorated with rope and sparkling anchors. You can always choose any flowers that you love but the ones in white seem perfect to brighten up the jars.

Simple Sailing Ships

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 12
Source: pinterest.com

This DIY table centerpiece is the one that your kids will totally love. Each ship is simply made of a wood block, wood skewer, and fabric in black and white. You can consider building some ships as the center of your dining room or coffee table.

Rope and Glass

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 13
Source: @hippaige2001

A unique DIY nautical table centerpiece that you can create out of two materials only. All you need is a thick rope in white and a clear glass bowl as the main materials of the centerpiece. Add the rope to the bowl and that’s it, you have a table centerpiece that is enough to give a nice nautical touch to the dining table.

Beach Inside Bottle

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 14
Source: matrimonio.com

Inside a clear bottle, a beach miniature made of sand, seashells, a paper ship in blue, and a toy bucket decorate it. This DIY nautical table centerpiece is so easy to create but will be totally adored by all the coming guests. The cost that the project requires is very cheap so you don’t have to worry about preparing an extra budget.

Assorted Seashell Candles

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 15
Source: hatterasblog.surforsound.com

This clever project shows how to create a platter full of beautiful candles. It will bring the style of your dining room to a whole new level in an instant.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Gather some seashells of various types and clean them up.
  2. Once dry, pour melted wax carefully into each shell carefully.
  3. Put a wick quickly while the wax is still hot.
  4. Leave the candles for about 30 minutes before use.
  5. Place the seashell candles on the clear glass plate with sand on it.

The steps are so easy, aren’t they? There are no complicated steps involved at all and the materials are so cheap.

Flower Succulents Seashells

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 16
Source: @helianeripley

The white seashells are formed in flower shape and work to keep some succulents with seashells. Of course, this decor item is great to enhance the nautical nuance of your dining room in a very mesmerizing way. Though the decor item looks expensive, the budget that you need to spend is not high at all.

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Cute Girly Decor

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 17
Source: @marshaminton

The main materials that you need to create this cute DIY table centerpiece are a blue crochet mat, a pink woven basket, tiny seashells, a piece of tulle in blue, and starfishes. The design of the centerpiece is perfect for giving a more feminine touch to your dining room. It’s a very easy table centerpiece that you can create easily at home.

Gorgeous Twine Balls

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 18
Source: sixsistersstuff.com

Some twine balls are placed on a rattan plate, becoming a simple yet beautiful table centerpiece for a dining or living room with a nautical decorating style. The balls are not totally made of twine which can be quite difficult and expensive, but the styrofoam balls are used here.

Nautical Aquarium Decor

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 19
Source: @bintyksm

An elegant aquarium becomes the centerpiece of this dining table which will amaze everyone. The main element that gives the nautical touch to the table centerpiece is the gemstones in shades of blue and white. To make it look fresher, a couple of flowers in white float on the aquarium.

Anchor Flowers Bouquet

DIY Nautical Table Centerpiece 20
Source: @1blondeblader

Placing a flower bouquet as it is can be quite boring for a dining room with a nautical decor decorating style. In this idea, colorful flowers are arranged on the anchor-like structure in white. You can consider using a tablecloth with a similar color mixture as the flower bouquet to create a nice harmonious overall look.

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Those nautical table centerpieces are totally inspiring to create since the steps are so simple and the materials are so cheap. There’s no need to purchase expensive items from the decor store to bring the exhilarating nuance of the beach to your home sweet home.

You can have a beautiful dining or coffee table without any hassles. the projects don’t require special crafting skills and you can finish all the steps in no time!

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