Do You Have the COVID Toe? Guidelines About Managing It Correctly

In 2020, with the advent of the COVID-19 virus, people initially got warned about the primary symptoms, like shortness of breath, fever, and cough. Since the virus has disseminated globally, the medical community is all set to study it up close and know how it can impact the body and mind.

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One school of thought propagated that the vaccine would halt the virus’s spread. That is not true. The vaccine will act as a protective sheath and will not cause extreme damage to the body once you get infected with the novel coronavirus. Even then, there are several countries in the United States that is of the opinion of incentivizing vaccines. They feel that the unvaccinated needs to be paid a certain sum of money to take their jab. According to a study by MyBioSource, people in New Hampshire and Nevada think they need to get paid $153 and $175 for vaccinating.

Once that happens, it is necessary to check if the physicians have an in-depth and nuanced understanding of how the virus will manifest in the severely ill patients. In recent times, one of the side effects of the COVID-19 infection is the COVID toe, and many people have been suffering from it. Hence, it’s time that you delve into it and understand what it is all about.

The Covid Toe

Dermatologists globally have come across the fact that more patients are reporting severe rash, which is linked to the pandemic. They have itchy, tender, and red-purple bumps that develop on their toes and sometimes on their fingers and heels. According to the skin findings, it is similar to the chilblains and perniosis, a rash linked with cold conditions.

The reputed medical practitioners are of the opinion that such skin conditions are associated with the cold weather. Hence, if you see too much of it all of a sudden and that to now, chances are it is a tad bit unusual. According to most expert dermatologists, it is a process in which the patient’s body is responding to the novel coronavirus.

Considering the fact that COVID-19 is a brand-new disease, not everyone has full know-how about it, that also includes the COVID toe. The doctors and physicians realized that people with this physical ailment had reported acute illness due to the virus. But on the other hand, a few patients were completely asymptomatic and highlighted merely mild symptoms. Generally, they get to recover at home and don’t need to go to the hospital.

What to do when you get the COVID Toe?

Do you feel that you are suffering from COVID toe? If yes, it might signify that you are infected by the coronavirus and things can get somewhat challenging for you. There is a need for you to become highly careful. Therefore, it is essential to talk with your doctor or an expert dermatologist who can share the finer details about this condition and provide a probable solution.

Can you schedule a video visit for the COVID toe?

Most reputed dermatologist or doctors would suggest that a video visit is ideal when you have to get the treatment done for COVID toe. It is useful; once you get in touch with a doctor, you can know for certain all that is happening in your body. You will also get to know whether you need to quarantine yourself for this condition or not. The doctor can recommend the line of treatment online, and you can follow the same and walk towards your recovery path.

Hence, take pictures of the COVID toe and share it with your doctor to give you the required medicines. The doctor will scan through the pictures you have sent and can also ask for a live video recording to better check your condition. They will ask you a set of questions to prepare your line of treatment, such as:

  • Does your toe itch or hurt for the most part of the day?
  • What is the slipper material that you have?
  • Do you wear your slipper all through the day?
  • Are there patches of red and soreness?
  • Has the discomfort increased or decreased?

No one to date knows the way in which COVID toe develops and why! One can only say that one of the body’s responses to the deadly virus is the skin irritations in your toe. There are times when a patient can witness fluid coming out of the skin and the dry skin peeling off as well. It is necessary to update the doctor about this, so that they can check the severity of the condition and suggest the necessary treatment and medications.

The medical community is still exploring the world of COVID toe symptoms. However, maximum patients witness skin symptoms and rash for many weeks prior to the resolution. Usually, these rashes don’t need any treatment. You can get in touch with a doctor only when you find the rashes becoming painful and itchy.


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