Top Ten Best Logos in the World

Even though the concept of logos seems modern, we can trace them down to the ancient times of the Egyptians. Hieroglyphics proved to be the first attempt to design a logo, and they did so by branding animals with hieroglyphic symbols to prove ownership.

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Thanks to technology, we can create professional logos online with the help of a logo maker. The process that might take minutes today used to require days of hard design work. In this article, we will talk about the most famous logos in the world:


If one thing the Apple logo can prove, it would be how raising curiosity is the key. A lot of speculations revolve around the story behind it. No one knows whether it is the tale of Adam and Eve, Isaac Newton, or the death of Alan Turing- the modern computer base creator – by biting an apple laced with cyanide!

Yet, Rob Janoff – the logo designer- explained one thing: the apple’s bite was because of the fear of making it look like a cherry if made smaller.


Carolyn Davidson designed this worldwide known logo only for $35. She was a graphic design student seeking some extra money and later received stocks in the company next to a diamond and a gold ring as a thank-you gift. In brief, this proves that you do not need to spend thousands of dollars designing a logo.


Frank Robinson-an American marketer advertiser- takes the credit for suggesting the name “Coca-Cola.” He thought the two Cs would be better for marketing, and he was right. 

The company tried to drastically rebrand the product when Pepsi appeared as a fearful competitor. Consequently, Coca-Cola’s lovers boycotted the brand until it returned to its original look. Hence, sticking to the first logo we present a brand which appears to be the right thing to do.


MacDonald’s proves that simplicity is right in the world of logo design, and its logo represents the ninth wealthiest company in the world. This iconic “M” is, without a doubt, one of the highly  recognized logos in the world. One of the theories behind its concept states that the “M” looks like two brown French fries from the world’s largest fast-food chain restaurants.


When Google developed its logo in 1997, it wanted to show the brand’s creativity—using primary colors in a pattern with a different-colored “L” in the middle only to break the norms.

Surprisingly, Google is a misspelling of the word “Googol,” which is a mathematical term that indicates the number one followed by a hundred zeros. The point was to highlight Google’s job of presenting a huge amount of data.


Adolf and Rudolf Dassler were two German brothers whose disagreement led to the establishment of Adidas and Puma.  

They battled over controlling the market. Yet, this competition only led to creativity. Adidas’ logo was born in the middle of the controversy. It is worth mentioning that the three stripes strongly connected to Adidas symbolize the challenges athletes face.


The name “Starbucks” is based on Moby Dick’s character, Starbucks. They have checked old marine books to come up with a name that best represents the company, a siren, which goes in harmony with the birthplace and the major port city, Seattle. Hence, Starbucks asserts the idea of adding a character to create warmth to the design and a deeper persona for the audience to remember.  


With Toblerone, we can notice a great branding technique. Matterhorn Mountain is the source of inspiration for the chocolate’s unique shape, as the logo indicates. The logo’s optical illusion of a bear lying inside the negative space on the mountain. Such a clever tactic is easy to miss but hard not to see, drawing attention to the brand and improving marketing. 

The Olympics

It is an unforgettable example of cross-culture design. The global audience can easily recognize and these five rings can relate to how they represent the world’s bests in sports and the five continents. 

Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, showed his greatness by choosing this symbolic logo. He proved that carefully chosen colors, shapes, and icons could get approval from the world. Just ensure they do not represent any negative concept in different cultures.


This clear black-and-white logo combines simplicity, motion, and friendliness. It is legible with an arrow connecting A to Z, which smartly highlights the similarity to the experience you will have on the platform. 

The same arrow plays a double role of adding a friendly touch to the logo, and the gentle curve of the letter Z brings motion to the design. 

Bottom Line

Eye-catchy logos make many businesses stand out, and having an idea about the world’s most famous logos can be a hint for making your business recognized and remembered

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