Eco Hacks for Every Home

When it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle, there are plenty of things everyone can do to make a difference. From small tweaks like unplugging electronics when they’re not in use to making more concerted efforts to reduce energy consumption, there are plenty of ways to go green without making too many sacrifices. Here are some eco hacks for every home that can help you live a more sustainable life.

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Install a smart thermostat

A great way to save energy and money is to install a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can be programmed to adjust the temperature based on your schedule, so you won’t ever really have to worry about forgetting to turn off the heat or AC when you’re not home. You can also use a smart thermostat to monitor your energy usage and make changes accordingly.

Switch to LED light bulbs

LED light bulbs always last longer and use less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. Plus, they emit less heat, so they’re ideal for places like the kitchen or bathroom where you don’t want things getting too hot. Then there’s the fact that LED light bulbs come in all sorts of fun colors, so you can actually change up the look of your home with just a few quick swaps.

Unplug electronics when not in use

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Even when electronics are turned off, they often still draw power from the wall. By unplugging electronics when they’re not in use, you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. You could also invest in a power strip so you can easily turn off multiple electronics at once. That can be a real lifesaver when it comes to things like holiday decorating. It can also be helpful if you have kids in the house who are always leaving lights and TVs on.

Make your home more energy-efficient

There are a number of things you can do around the home to make it more energy-efficient, such as adding insulation, installing new windows, and sealing air leaks. These simple measures can help reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your utility bills. The less energy your home uses, the smaller your carbon footprint will be.

Buy environmentally friendly products

recycle paper

When possible, try to buy environmentally friendly products that have been manufactured using sustainable methods. This includes everything from cleaning products to toiletries to appliances. Take bamboo toilet paper as an example. Bamboo is actually a sustainable material that doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers to grow. Plus, it’s recyclable and biodegradable. So, not only is it really quite good for the environment, but it’s also good for your wallet.

Take shorter showers

Taking shorter showers is another super incisive way to save water and energy (not to mention time). If you can cut down your average shower time by just five minutes, you could save up to 1,000 gallons of water per year! This can also help reduce your water bill and your carbon footprint. Also, try to take showers during off-peak hours when water usage is lower. That way, you won’t put as much strain on the water system.

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