A Homeowner’s Guide to Creating a Relaxing Outdoor Space

The outdoor space is one of those that’s often forgotten when it comes to designing. It’s said that most homeowners will beautify only their indoor space since it’s where they spend most of their time. However, it’s important to acknowledge that your outdoor space is also part of your home.

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Are you someone who wants to revive their outdoor space? How will you do this? 

Here’s a guide to creating a relaxing outdoor space:

  • Add An Outdoor Spa

Spa? You might wonder, especially at home. But yes, you can add an outdoor spa in your home, preferably in the backyard where there’s privacy. The aim is to make your home a vacation spot when the need arises. 

In this case, a spa refers to a bath of hot aerated water. There are many Australian made outdoor spas from which you can make a selection. The secret is finding an ideal location; it could be at a corner in your backyard or even on your deck if you have one. The aim is to ensure you don’t limit your use of the area due to the spa. It’d help to get one that will fit in your space while allowing your space to serve other functions.  

With the spa, you can soak in when you want to relax; the sunset is a great addition to the relaxation.

  • Invest In Lighting

In most cases, you’ll find outdoor lighting as bulbs along the outside corridor. This lighting doesn’t tend to be relaxing since it’s often bright white and is only found around the house. To make your outdoor space relaxing, it’s best to add lights to your entire outdoor space, including your lawn and trees.

If you have a patio or deck, light it up with hanging string lights in the middle length. You could also add them to the outside of your deck’s walls. 

Lanterns could be a great addition if you have a lawn. Place them along the length of your lawn at given intervals. It’s important that you place them strategically to illuminate your green area. You can hang fairy or string lights along the trees’ circumference for your trees.  

As you add lighting, ensure it’s warm in color; it’s more relaxing than white light. 

In general, lighting directly impacts your moods, and the right light can help you ease up into the night.  

  • Incorporate Plants

A green outdoor space is relaxing in itself; therefore, it’s a great way to make your outdoor space relaxing. 

One way to add plants is by creating a lively home garden. It doesn’t have to be big; a small-sized one can also work. This garden could have your best flowers or plants that you use in your cooking, like coriander and cucumbers, among others. Adding plants you love is important because you’ll enjoy tending them, adding to your relaxation.   

When it comes to flowers, consider adding scented ones like lavender. Breathing in such scents when stressed can easily help you relax. 

Besides a garden, you can add floating shelves on your patio or deck, where you’ll place your potted plants. For the pergola, you can place large plants at its corners.   

If tending to your plants puts you on edge, consider incorporating low-maintenance ones. It’ll be easier for you.

  • Add Seating Areas

Your living room isn’t the only space that should have a seating area. Seats are a great addition to your outdoor space as well. They’ll give you room to connect with nature, which can and is, relaxing. 

There are various seating options you can adopt. 

One option is a patio or a deck. It’s the seating area on your porch. Instead of leaving this space bare, add a dining table and seats. Consider using outdoor furniture to help this space connect with nature. 

For example, you can add wooden swinging couches with metal chains. Wooden benches are also an option, and preferably have them facing your lawn or garden. And add cushion pads to make the seats comfortable. A little color could go a long way in brightening up this space too. You can use throw pillows and rugs of different patterns, colors, and textures. 

Suppose you have no deck or patio, and neither do you have space to build next to your house. All hope isn’t lost; you can set up a pergola in the middle or sides of your lawn. It’s a structure with stands and roof covering in which you set up a seating area. To achieve relaxation, use wooden furniture and warm lighting in this space. 


This discussion has established that outdoor space can be as relaxing as indoor space. As a homeowner, you might wonder how to do this. Nonetheless, this post has further gone to give ideas on how to make your outdoor space relaxing. Highly consider implementing these ideas in your project. 


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