What Can Skylights Bring to Your Home?


Light is one of the most important things in a home. It can make a space seem more welcoming, more comfortable, and more spacious. There’s nothing more tranquil than seeing a room fill with golden sunlight at dusk or dawn.

Skylights are particularly effective at bringing light into the home. However, many people don’t consider them because of their perceived awkwardness and difficulty to open and close as a result of . Thankfully, with modern technology like electric window openers, skylights can be opened and closed remotely with ease. Let’s take a look at what skylights can bring into your home. Keep reading to find out more.

Bring in More Natural Light

Skylights are one of the best ways to bring more natural light into your home. Not only can this create a more pleasant atmosphere, but it can also make your home feel more spacious and add depth to rooms, which is particularly valuable for those of us living in smaller spaces.

Natural light has proven health benefits, exposing ourselves to more of it can increase our vitamin D levels, improve sleep, and reduce the risk of seasonal depression. Vitamin D promotes serotonin production in the brain, which is an essential hormone for the regulation of mood.

Improve Ventilation

Proper ventilation is incredibly important in our homes. Poor air quality can exacerbate existing health conditions and can circulate allergens like pet hair and pollen throughout the house. Opening skylights will allow fresh air to move through the house, significantly improving air quality and working to remove allergens and irritants.

Additionally, improving your home’s ventilation can regulate humidity levels and reduce the risk of dampness. Damp can lead to mould, which can pose serious health risks as well as having the potential to cause long lasting damage to the structure of your property.

Energy Saving

You would be surprised at the energy saving opportunities that having a skylight installed in your home can provide. You will have to rely less on the lighting in your home during the day, as the sunlight should adequately illuminate your living space.  In the summer when it’s light late into the evening, you might find you never need to use your artificial lights at all! In such times of rising bills and economic instability, this is a benefit that cannot be overlooked.

Add Value to Your Property

A tasteful, carefully placed skylight can do wonders for the overall aesthetic and visual presentation of a home. Natural light is highly sought after by prospective homeowners, doing everything you can to bring more of it into your home will only work to make it more attractive to potential buyers.


Don’t assume a skylight is a luxury purpose with no real function behind it. They can offer all sorts of advantages, including more natural light and improved ventilation. Bringing in more light can boost both your mood and the value of your house, while high quality air will promote good health. Skylights also offer unique energy saving opportunities and can reduce the reliance you have on artificial lighting.


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