Help There’s a Leak in My Sewer Lines!

A leak in the sewer lines is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. The sewer lines are an integral part of your home’s plumbing as these remove the waste from your home to the septic tank or main sewage system of your area.

sewer leak

Without these lines working as they should, your home can get backed up with waste. You will notice the issues straight away, and there is no denying the smell of sewage when it affects your home.

If you have woken up to the smell of sewerage and have noticed damp areas within your yard, then it is time to call in the professionals. When handling waste like this, you need to act fast and let the professional plumbers do their job.

Most Common Signs Of Leaking Sewer Lines

There are various aspects of plumbing within your home, and each of these needs to work well to ensure your space is safe and dry. When an issue affects the sewer lines, there are some obvious signs, but some may be more subtle and cause you to wait before hiring help.

If you are wondering whether you are dealing with a broken sewer line or something else, then we can help. These are the most common signs of a leaking sewer line:

  • Unpleasant smells coming from the drains
  • Strong sewage smells in the yard
  • Slow running drains throughout the home
  • Patches of lawn that are green and lush without explanation
  • Gurgling and bubbling from the toilets

These all indicate that something has gone wrong with your sewerage lines at home, whether you have a septic tank in the yard or are connected to the mains system. 

Whenever you notice anything like this, you should get in touch with the professionals right away to ensure they can be resolved on time.

How To Repair Sewer Lines

With the amount of waste that goes through them, damaged sewer lines can be hazardous to your home. This is especially the case if they are left unattended, which is why you should always act fast when dealing with sewer issues.

If you notice any of the above signs, then it is time to contact pipe lining services in Snohomish County, WA. These local professionals will come to your home and first determine what the issue is. 

Most commonly, these are signs of sewer damage, but they could be linked to other plumbing issues, which can alter the best course of action. By hiring professionals during this time, you can rest assured that all issues will be handled as they need to be, and your home will be back in good working order in no time.

There are many causes of plumbing issues like this, and professional plumbers will be able to identify the issue for you. Most commonly, homes in this area deal with clogs or a collapsed sewer line, and a plumber not only needs to repair the damage but also prevent it from happening again. 

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