Top 5 Garage Organization Ideas

If looking at the disaster of your garage gives you a headache, it is time to get organizing. Fortunately, there are many ways to DIY an organization project.

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Your garage isn’t the only place to consider an organizing project. As you move into your new home, you’ll face many challenges, particularly when organizing boxes and putting things away. Not to mention adding the best garage door opener, fixing any damage, and redecorating that ugly bathroom.

If only organizing were a one-size-fits-all solution. Alas, it is not. That is why we have devised five hacks to organize your garage.

Clean Out The Trash

Before you can even begin organizing, you must eliminate any junk you hold onto. This can take quite a bit of time, so ensure you set aside a weekend or two for decluttering.

Decluttering is a task that you can share with your family. The more people involved, the faster the job will go. Most importantly, decluttering is not the time to deep clean.

You will need a plan of action, some boxes, and time. Many would suggest a minimum of three bins, one for items you want to toss, one for things you plan on keeping, and finally, one for donations.

Keep Things Off Of The Floor

Whenever possible, keep items off of the floor. The primary intent of your garage is to park your car.

By avoiding cluttered ground (a safety hazard), you will be more able to clean the floor efficiently.

Vertical Organizing Systems

A vertical organizing system will generally be shelving mounted to the wall at around seven feet. Although seven feet is the norm, it is not uncommon to be installed higher. This way, you don’t need to worry about knocking your car.

Overhead Storage

Keeping your garage clutter-free is easy when using your garage’s overhead space. The most essential garage ceiling storage guideline is relatively simple: start by selecting the proper garage overhead storage solution for your needs.

Determine how you will use the overhead storage space and select a storage solution that will meet your needs. Everything relating to overhead garage storage becomes much easier from there.

Typically, this storage method is used for heavy, bulky items, meaning you will need heavy-duty storage racks. You want your chosen racks to be resilient and durable.

Grouping similar items together will ensure you can find what you are looking for with less effort. Many find overhead storage useful for out-of-season things like lawnmowers, snowblowers, or hedge trimmers.

The overhead garage storage system is perfect for storing other out-of-season items such as patio furniture, car roof racks, sporting and camping equipment, and holiday decorations.

Cleaning Tool Hanger

A falling mop, broom, or duster is very inconvenient, specifically in the dark when you are more likely to trip and fall. Avoiding these mishaps is easy when you use a cleaning tool hanger.

With these garage organizing tips and a practical storage system, your garage will remain clutter-free and highly functional for many years.

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