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Thermostat Won’t Turn On

While the thermostat may cease operating or seem to be malfunctioning, it is possible that the problem is with the thermostat rather than the HVAC equipment. That’s wonderful news since it typically indicates there’s a straightforward solution to the problem. One of the possible problems with the thermostat is that it is not properly adjusted or that the batteries have to be changed. If you notice a thermostatic issue, check the settings, reset them as needed, and replace the battery. Examine your air conditioning unit and the thermostat’s handbook for any indications that perhaps the thermostat is really the source of the problem.

Filters That Are Dirty

HVAC system filter should be changed on a monthly to prevent a buildup of debris, which might contribute to any cooling issue. Pet fur and dander are two factors that lead to a clogged filter. If you don’t change it as regularly as the unit handbook recommends, the filter will ultimately get filthy enough to obstruct airflow. This might result in system faults or possibly a total shutdown due to overheating. If your system isn’t working properly, inspect the filter and change it if it’s unclean.

Compressor Issues

The compressor is an essential element of the HVAC and serves as the system’s heart. If the system lacks sufficient coolant pressure, the compressor will overheat and finally fail. Backflow of liquid refrigerant into the compressor causes liquid slugging. This is critical for the compressors and air handlers (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_handler) health and functioning.

Problems With The Evaporator Coil

Your HVAC system’s evaporator coil may face restricted airflow owing to clogged air filters and other difficulties, such as insufficient refrigerant levels. If this happens, the coil will freeze. If this happens, regardless of if the location of your coil is outdoors or in house attic, it will need to be cleaned. Furthermore, regardless of the problem, coils should be maintained every three years. If the coil is severely damaged, contact an HVAC specialist to help you repair or replace it.

Continuous Operation Of The Blower

It is possible for a blower to operate continuously due to a variety of factors. To begin, look at the fan button on the control panel to see if you can figure out what is causing the problem and how to fix it. If it is set to the fan position, it is the root cause of the problem. Make sure that the blower is set to auto or turned off to solve the issue. To correct this, you should consult with a professional in air conditioning repair near you, or see further troubleshooting guides in the system’s handbook to ensure you’re using the correct quantity of refrigerant liquid.

Unusual Sounds

Strange sounds coming from the HVAC system might be frightening, and they truly should be. While certain noises are typical for your equipment, any whining and squealing might signal that the motor’s bearings are deteriorating. This signifies that the drive might have to be changed in order to prevent the system from failing. Strange sounds may also be caused by airflow difficulties or filthy furnace burners.

Drainage Problems

AC drains may get blocked in the same way that filters can. As time passes and also the system is operated, dirt, pollen, and lint accumulate in the drain. As a result, the drain pan will start filling up and water will leak out. This might harm the HVAC equipment and anything else near the pan. Empty the pan as soon as possible and consider hiring a professional to help you unclog the drain.

No Power To The Unit Or The Unit Is Not Turning On

HVAC problems might be caused by a flipped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. This is complicated since a problem with your HVAC system might potentially cause a blown circuit or a blown fuse. Whether you have a blown fuse or a tripped breaker, first check to see if your air intake is dusty. Other possible reasons include clogged air registers, ductwork leaks, and filthy coils. If any of these problems are the source of the problem, address them first before resetting the circuit breaker.

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