Window Replacement Cost Review: Vinyl Vs Fiberglass Frames

vinyl vs fiberglass frame

Building a house is not something for the financially faint-hearted. This is considering the several financial commitments involved.

Several factors determine the cost of building a house. These factors are not static as the location and some other variables are involved.

The prices of building materials, location and the requirements for the foundation, the type of roofing to be used, permits to be gotten, framing, exterior, and interior finishing are just some of the things involved. If you would like to know more about this, you can check here.

For many, it does not end even after building the house. This is considering how there will be the need for replacements and upgrades at some point. There are several reasons why replacements are carried out. For one, this could be about doing away with obsolete material/technology.

For example, there are more energy-efficient vinyl and fiberglass window frames than what we had several years ago. So, homeowners might decide to leverage the new technology. This is just one as there are several other reasons why replacement can happen soon or long after construction.

It is only wise that you understand the cost of replacement if/when the need arises. You also need to know the options involved to make the right decision. This is why we will do a comparative review of vinyl and fiberglass window frames in this article.

Which Is More Costly Between Vinyl and Fiberglass Window Frames?

Vinyl frames are not as expensive as fiberglass frames all things being equal. So, they are to be seriously considered by those in need of a cost-effective option.

Other than buying the material and installing them, you should know that the warranty policies of many vinyl brands are more favorable. A lot of them offer so much in terms of the warranty. You should not be surprised if you come across quite a number of them that offer lifetime warranties.

The reason for this is clear. A premium quality vinyl window frame would require no maintenance at all. If maintenance is needed, it will be very little compared to other alternatives. Be that as it may, there is the utmost need to have it installed properly.

This is because improper installation can complicate things. For one, the warranty we talked about will not even apply if the installation process is questionable. This is why you are advised to have a good installation company handle the project.

This is of course if you cannot handle this yourself as self-installation would reduce your expenses significantly. The reason is that labor is one of the things that make window replacement expensive. This is understandable as the installers earn their living doing this.

Quite a lot has been said about how vinyl windows are cheaper compared to fiberglass. So, let us discuss a bit about fiberglass.

There are cost-effective features of fiberglass windows even though they are more expensive than vinyl as stated above. They are even more expensive than other options other than vinyl but strength and durability are one of their high points.

They do very well in this regard. As a result, it is not often that homeowners have issues with their fiberglass windows breaking and/or warping.

Cost of Having Vinyl and Fiberglass Window Frame

This is a very sensitive subject to discuss as the prices do not always remain the same. Some of the reasons the cost of replacing window frames do not remain the same are because:

  • Inflation sets in and the prices of materials go up
  • The increased cost of living means that installers charge more
  • Newer and improved technology often means the cost is higher
  • All brands do not have a uniform price as some are more or less expensive

Having made all these clear, let’s inform you about the cost of these window frames at the time of writing this article.

Cost of Vinyl Window Frame

The range for vinyl window frames is $390 – $910. There is a wide margin between $390 – $910 and this explains the various factors that can drive down or drive up the price of buying and installing this window. Some of the factors involved here include:


This is a major deciding factor as all brands do not charge the same for their products. This is because they do not offer the same in terms of quality.

Window Thickness

The layer of glass used to make the product determines the price to a large extent. Generally speaking, double-pane is more expensive than single-pane products.

This is because more glass material is involved. Other than this, the former offers more in terms of insulation and energy efficiency than the latter.

Labor Cost

For one, we have gathered that location has a lot to do with labor charges. There are places where installers charge a higher price than other parts. By and large, things are favorable in rural locations.

Other than this, many installers are aware of the complications and risks involved in installing certain products and charge more for them. For those interested in vinyl window replacement, these are some of the things that determine the cost of installation.

Cost of Fiberglass Window Frame

The range for fiberglass window frames is $495 – $970. The same factors discussed right above determine the charges that come with buying and installation.

You should also know that the number of windows you will be buying and installing determines how capital intensive the project will be. You can imagine someone who needs 8 window frames compared to someone that needs 4.

If the overall charge for one frame is $700, it would cost the person that needs 4 frames $2800 while the one that needs 8 would need $5600.


You need to be aware of the cost before you decide to have your window frames replaced. This is so that you do not get stuck along the way. We have filled you in on how things are for the time being. You should know that these prices can go up or down (even though the chances of prices going down are slimmer).

If/when window frame replacement is needed; make sure the right product is purchased. Other than this, they should be installed properly.

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