The Most Common Home Design Mistakes and How to Change them

Home design mistakes are very common and yet we fail to notice these things because rarely do we get undesirable comments about our decor from house guests. It’s just common courtesy. However, you don’t have to wait for that one honest friend to really tell you how they feel about your home. You can fix some common home design mistakes now and turn your home into an impressive oasis. Here’s just some of them.

The Most Common Home Design Mistakes and How to Change them

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  1. Not thinking of size

We get so caught up with furnishing our space as quickly as we can that we forget about the sizing of our furniture. As a result, we end up with items that are either too big or too small for our space. You can fix this problem by measuring the dimensions of the room.

For example, before you find the best place to buy a great couch, measure the area that you plan to put it in. This way, you can buy appropriately-sized furniture that perfectly fits the space.

And don’t just measure horizontally but vertically as well. This is important for when you’re buying furniture with height in mind like coffee tables, side tables, drawers, mirrors, etc.

  1. A lack of focal point

A focal point is the main centerpiece of the room that should draw your attention in. This is often where you will base the rest of your decor. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks about this when decorating their home. They just put in the basic items that a room should have and enhance with furnishings later. This can make a room feel disjointed and uncoordinated.

To avoid this mistake, you want to think about the focal point in a room. For example, a living room’s focal point can be the large coffee table. You can then start decorating around it by adding a couch, two complementary seats, a rug, and so on. This creates a sense of flow to your space and will make everything appear more cohesive.

  1. Falling for the latest fads

The interior design world is always coming up with new ideas; this is why we often see trends coming up every year. While it’s okay to pay attention to these fads, what’s not acceptable is fully implementing it into your space right away.

A good example are open kitchen shelves. While in theory, it sounds great because you get to show off your expensive china, it doesn’t really bode well if you’re into a lot of cooking because oil and sauces will get all over that shelf.

Before you jump in on a trend, evaluate your space first. You live in your home so function should always come first before aesthetics. If you like the trend and you see that it works for your space, only then should you implement it.

  1. Not enough lighting

Another common mistake homeowners make is not putting enough lighting in a room. Extra lighting doesn’t just illuminate a space, it also makes it feel more dynamic. Ever wonder why you feel gloomy or not in the mood? It’s probably because of your lighting –or lack thereof. It’s not a good idea to just rely on that one ceiling fixture in the room.

This can easily be remedied by adding more lighting in your room. Take a look at the space and spot areas that require more light. You’ll want to add more lighting in these places and don’t just settle for the usual fluorescent light. You can play with different hues such as orange or yellow. These are perfect for creating a relaxing ambiance in the evenings.

Which of these mistakes are you guilty of? Don’t worry. No one’s born with a critical interior design’s eye. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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