How Many Watt Generators Do I Need to Run a Space Heater?

In the winter, space heaters are vital for heating cold, drafty spaces. Even if you have a central heating system, electric space heaters can help you heat a specific area in your house more efficiently.

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But would space heaters increase your power bill? Let’s find out how much power a space heater should consume, what size heater you need, and our top three suggestions for the finest space heaters on the market.

How Much Power Does A Space Heater Consume?

The quantity of power required to run a space heater, like most things, is determined by the size of the device and its energy efficiency. Search for the power and energy efficiency ratings on the product label to get the precise amount of electricity required.

A 1,500-watt space heater is the most popular, and it will require at least a 100-volt outlet. Fortunately, most homes have 110-volt outlets installed throughout.

Can A Solar Generator Power A Space Heater?

You may be thinking can a solar generator power a space heater? Well, solar generators are renewable energy solutions that harness the sun’s power to generate clean, emission-free electricity.

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Their adaptability and convenience are only a few factors driving their appeal.

Space heaters are excellent for heating a small or medium-sized area. They are small and adaptable, making them ideal for camping and off-grid life.

Can A Solar Generator Be Used To Power Your Space Heater?

Absolutely. Solar panels must be installed to harvest energy to power a space heater with a generator, then stored in a battery. Inverters are then utilized to transform the stored energy into electrical current that may be used to power your appliances.

What Type Of Generator Do I Need To Power A Space Heater?

Depending on your space heater’s electricity, there is a suitable generator for you. To know what generator to use, you must first estimate the needed wattage of your space heater. For example, if the capacity of your space heater is 250 square feet, the appropriate generator is a 2500-watt invented generator.

Generator Selection

Consider the following factors when deciding which generator is ideal for your needs:

1.    Portable Generator Vs. Permanent Backup Generator

Portable generators provide more mobility. Furthermore, its mobility is not without drawbacks. Portable generators cannot create enough electricity to power the entire house. Its fuel capacity is small, which contributes to its mobility.

Permanent backup generators can power a whole home and will kick on automatically if there is an electricity outage. This generator is ideal for business since it can generate a high wattage for domestic use.

2.    Power Produced

This is a major factor when selecting a generator. A permanent generator’s electricity is dependable enough to power a home’s or business’s whole electrical system. Even though it generates a lot of electricity, it isn’t always fully utilized.

As a result, it consumes energy that is otherwise being wasted. Portable generators can produce little wattage, but depending on their size, they can provide enough electricity to run many items in your home.

3.    Generator Prices

Some generators are inexpensive, while others are costly. Other low-cost generators will do the job and produce the appropriate watts. Expensive generators perform just as effectively as affordable generators. The sole distinction is long-term usage.

What Size Generator Is Required To Power A Space Heater?

Space heaters use a lot of energy. Therefore, your solar setup must have enough power to handle one. A generator with a power output of roughly 2,000 watts is a safe bet. Most space heaters have a power rating of 1,500 watts. However, the supply of your generator must surpass this requirement.

The “extra” 500 watts operate as a buffer, protecting your system from power fluctuations that may blow a fuse and leave your pricey solar generator inoperable. These swings are frequently caused by incorrect extension cords or adjusting the heater’s thermostat temperature settings.

Can A 1,000-Watt Generator Power A Space Heater?

While most space heaters have a power rating of 1,500 watts, others only feature a 750-watt option. A 1000-watt solar generator cannot power a 1500-watt space heater unless it has a strong inverter that can double the unit’s maximum output. A 1,000-watt generator, on the other hand, can easily power a 750-watt space heater.

While a 750-watt heater saves electricity, it barely warms rooms by a few degrees and can only heat smaller spaces.

Unless you have no other option, it is preferable to avoid using 1000-watt generators to power space heaters. 2,000-watt solar generators are a safe and efficient method to power practically any space heater.

Can You Run a Space Heater and Other Appliances at the Same Time?

A 2,000-watt solar generator can easily power a 1,500-watt space heater, but it can’t take much more. If you wish to operate more devices simultaneously, you’ll need a generator with more capacity and output. Another option is to adjust your space heater to a lower power setting, such as 750 watts.

If you need to power a whole RV, complete with a fridge, lighting, and other equipment, 2,000 watts is just insufficient. To run your full off-grid setup with a solar generator, you should seek one with a power rating of 5,000 watts or more.

Can A Solar Generator Power A Good Pump?

Well, pumps are electromechanical devices used to extract water from a well. Good pumps can use AC and DC electricity. An inverter is not required if you utilize DC electricity.

Solar generators can power a good pump. However, a large solar system with a high power output is required.

A good pump’s power usage would determine the size of your solar generator. Your generator’s power supply should always surpass the good pump’s power requirements; otherwise, the device would burn out, leaving you thirsty and in the dark.

A 1/3 well pump requires around 3,000 watts. It only requires roughly 750 watts to run but significantly more power to start up. Solar panels having a power rating of 300 watts are widely available. Ten 300-watt solar panels would best power a 1/3 well pump.


Small or medium-sized rooms benefit greatly from the use of space heaters. This is useful in houses, off-the-grid properties, campgrounds, boats, and RVs. Generators of 2000W or above are ideal for managing the electricity required by a space heater.

Fortunately, you can use a solar generator to power your space heater sustainably and cost-effectively, independent of the main power grid.

The majority of space heaters have a power rating of 1500 watts.

A power supply of up to 2,000 watts is required since the generator’s reserve must comfortably exceed the draw of the space heater.

A lower power option of 750 watts is also available on space heaters. You may utilize a 1,000-watt solar generator for them.



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