How to Add Personality to Your Dining Space

Whether you have a separate dining room or just a designated dining space in an open living floorplan, this is a space that tends to be used an awful lot in the home. And it’s not just you and your family that will be making use of the dining space, but also guests when you are entertaining and serving a meal. So with that in mind, it makes sense that you’d want to take the steps to create a dining space that is functional, comfortable, and stylish. Here’s a look at how you can add some design flair and give your dining space personality.

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Shake Things Up with a New Colour Palette

Just because you want to give your dining space personality doesn’t mean you’re ready to sign up for a total makeover project. If that sounds familiar then one of the most impactful design projects you can do is to paint the room.

Choose a trending colour that will complement the existing features of the room and the house in general. If your house has an open-plan living layout, then you’re going to be painting much more than just the dining area, so keep that in mind.

Some of the trending colours for dining spaces in 2023 include:

  • Orange-red
  • Pale blue
  • Pale green/sage
  • Warm brown
  • Aubergine
  • Lilac (cool undertone)
  • Clay

It’s Time to Replace Your Dining Table

The largest most substantial piece of furniture you have in your dining space is typically the dining table. The table tends to be the focus of the room, so this is your chance to pick something that speaks to your style, pulls your design concept together, works with your décor, and is large enough to fit your needs. Don’t be afraid to step outside the box and look at different materials, finishes, colours, sizes, and shapes, as there are no rules about what you “have” to get.

If you want a dining table that works with a wide array of design styles and tends to remain stylish year after year, check out reclaimed wood kitchen and dining tables, which can be casual or more formal depending on how you dress them.

Address Storage So Clutter Doesn’t Become a Problem

One of the biggest issues that homeowners can have is storage. If you don’t have ample storage in your dining space, then you will be dealing with clutter that is spilling out everywhere.

A buffet, hutch, or sideboard, such as the models that you can find at VidaXL, can give you all the space you need to put away your clutter, allowing the design concept to shine. There’s no such thing as too much storage, only too little, so choose a piece that is the biggest the space will allow while still looking stylish. Keep in mind a declutter may also be necessary.

Transform the Space and Inject Personality

These are just a few of the projects and ideas you can use in your dining space that will transform it and give it personality. In some cases, all it takes is some new décor and changing the layout to have an impact, just use your creativity.


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