20+ Simple Coffee Table Decor Ideas for Chic Living Room

Decorating the coffee table is a step that you can’t miss when you are planning to beautify your living room. It’s the main focal point of the room that will give a significant change once you place some beautiful decor items on it.

Below, we share with you some inspiring coffee table decor ideas that will show you how to get the job done without spending a lot!

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

Shiny Earthy Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 1
Source: theeverygirl.com

In this idea, a rectangular wood tray with a clean-lined look is the main focal point of the coffee table which makes it fit well if you want to give an earthy touch to your minimalist living room. It complements the marble table top in neutral shades by giving a warmer tone.

Uniquely, the metal candle holders in various designs, white roses in a clear round vase, and even a snowy cloche complete the decor.

Chic Pretty Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 2
Source: redpapayablog.com

For you who want to give a more feminine pop to your living room with a neutral overall look, this idea can be a good reference. A round metal tray with a combination of gold and pink is the centerpiece of this coffee table. Then, a vase and candle holders all in round shapes complement the tray very well.

Gorgeous White Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 3
Source: theeverygirl.com

This is a brightly beautiful coffee table decor ideas that you can easily copy. You just need to simply stack some neutral-colored books in various sizes and place a white round ceramic tray, white candle, and clean-lined cylinder flower vase on top of them. It’s a simple yet gorgeous inspiration to beautify your living room.

Shiny Minimalist Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 4
Source: stylecurator.com.au

A clean-lined rectangular tray in a silver finish perfectly beautifies a marble table in a neutral finish. The handles come in a silver finish with a mirrored effect which even makes the tray look way more attractive. The tray is spacious enough to handle some books and cute decor items.

A clear glass vase allows you to see the soil of the white orchid which gives a fresher earthy vibe all around the room.

Simple Pretty Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 5
Source: natalieyerger.com

There’s no need to use any tray in this idea since all you need is some books to place some decor items. Instead of using a casual vase, those white tulips with fresh green leaves are placed in the white vintage jug. To brighten it up, a white candle on a white round basin is placed next to the flowers.

Pretty Earthy Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 6
Source: blesserhouse.com

A gorgeous rectangular marble tray in white with grey vines handles some decor items which include a pedestal basin in a gold finish, a head statue that works as a greeneries vase, and black string beads. Next to it, some books are stacked with a round aromatherapy candle. Those elements beautifully freshen and brighten up the rattan coffee table.

Chic Earthy Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 21
Source: @kcouture123

One of the most favorite items to decorate a coffee table is a rattan basket. Here, a shallow round rattan basket with handles works as the decor item and additional storage station at the same time. The other decor items like a small vase, books, rocky beads, and candles all come in white to match the tablecloth.

Eclectic Style Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 7
Source: classyglamliving.com

For you who want to use various decor items at once, this idea is the one that you can add to your top list. A faux starfish, vintage candle lantern, and beautiful bouquet in a clear glamour vase are placed on the decorative round vase. The elements complement each other in a very distinctive way.

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Glam Rustic Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 8
Source: @ellie26

A ceramic vase in a white distressed finish with decorative dried branches gives a rustic touch to this wood coffee table in an earthy grey finish. The leaf decorative plate and pedestal-style candle holder in gold finish then make the decor look more glamorous. It’s such a good inspiration to decorate a coffee table in an all-white living room.

Bright Warm Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 9
Source: hellolovelystudio.com

Two big pillar candles and three small candles in a glass mason jar brighten and warm up the nuance of this beautiful living room. To complement the farmhouse nuance of the room, rustic flower vases, a round tray, and small pinecones are added to the coffee table decor. This is an easy and cheap coffee table decor ideas for a farmhouse living room.

Chic Rustic Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 10
Source: @violetmarcoux

This is a simple inspiration that you can keep in mind to welcome the festive season. The wood decorative tray with a rustic natural finish is used to store white wood blocks with quotes, a clear glass vase with greeneries, and wood beads. They give gorgeous texture which complements the color palette of the decor.

Cute Rustic Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 11
Source: @violetmarcoux

Succulents are definitely everyone’s favorite when it comes to indoor plants. In this idea, various kinds of succulents are planted on cute round vases in gold and black finish, giving an elegant touch with a natural vibe. The vases are stored in farmhouse-styled rectangular containers made of wood which matches beautifully with the finish of the coffee table.

Bold Masculine Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 22
Source: bloglovin.co

This idea looks more masculine with choices of black glassware. The vases come in various shapes and sizes which makes it look so mesmerizing. Assorted indoor plants then beautify the decor which gives a brighter touch and fresher nuance. Surprisingly, an Asian-styled buffalo statue in blue with catchy patterns completes the decor.

Simple Glamour Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 12
Source: @eZainabmughal487

The decor items in gold finish instantly make this coffee table decor look so glamorous. The round tray comes with a mirror base which beautifully reflects the light and lets the gold finish pop up very well. To ease the vibe, a gorgeous diffuser with naturally-finished sticks enhances the beauty of the decor and the comfort of the room at the same time.

Stylish Monochrome Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 13
Source: @lumiaesthtc

This coffee table decor ideas combines black and white as its main color which makes it fit for you who love something neutral. Some pieces of home care in clear transparent designs are placed on the leveled square tray which looks so stylish. Then, the touches of black give a bolder look elegantly.

Striking Earthy Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 14
Source: laurelberninteriors.com

Placing cute indoor plants on a coffee table may sound too boring for you, and this idea shows an alternative way to get the job done. Huge tree branches with white leaves are placed on the clear glass container which instantly becomes the centerpiece of the room. A statue and some books then complete the decor of the coffee table.

Clean Minimalist Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 15
Source: laurelberninteriors.com

A spacious rectangular table is used to neatly store some chic notes, books, and a gift box. The tray doesn’t only beautify the table with a clear glass top but also works as a convenient storage station in the room. The flamingo copper statues, colorful roses in a white vase, and dry coral then enhance the beauty of the tray.

Stylish Rustic Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 16
Source: @miamia_emerson

Rustic-styled decor item is always a good choice when you want to give a warm tone and texture to your minimalist living room. The candle holders in a log design, a pinecone, a pumpkin stem, and branches in a clear chubby vase on a round wood tray warm up an all-white living room which is so worth trying.

Gorgeous Elegant Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 17
Source: cozylittlehouse.com

Another beautiful idea to add to your top list when you would like to decorate your coffee table with a masculine nuance. A round black table is a centerpiece of the decor which is decorated with some glass bottles in dark blue, a Chinese teapot in black, pillar candles, and some statues. It’s also a good reference to create an Asian-themed coffee table decor.

Stylish Modern Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 18
Source: homewithholliday.com

A white marble tray in a hexagonal shape with gold trim decorates this glass coffee table and provides convenient storage as well. Some fashionable notebooks, a gorgeous tealight candle holder in an orchid-inspired design, and a beautifully fresh bouquet complement the tray very well.

Minimalist Earthy Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 19
Source: @viqusa

For those who have a small living room, this coffee table decor idea is the one that you can’t miss. A small round rattan tray is enough to handle some cute decor items in white, creating a simple yet beautiful centerpiece that you can create in no time. The elements give a nice earthy tone and texture to the decor of the room.

Creative Rustic Decor

Coffee Table Decor Ideas 20
Source: @movemountains1

If you are looking for a coffee table decor ideas to add to your DIY projects list, this idea is the one that you will totally love. Here, you will need a wood crate in a light wood finish, painted mason jars, and dried flowers. You can get all those materials at very cheap prices or even for free. The result is a very gorgeous coffee table decor item that will never fail to beautify your living room.

Easy Creative Decor

This project shows you how to decorate your coffee table by using easily-available materials in no time. You will get a beautiful centerpiece inside your beloved living room that will catch everyone’s attention. There’s no need to spend extra budget here!

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How to Choose a Coffee Table

Determine the location

In most houses, coffee tables are placed either in the living room or the family room. Where you are planning the coffee table can be a reference to determine the right coffee table that you need to buy.

Living room

If you would like to buy a coffee table for a living room, it’s always a good idea to choose one with a more formal style. You can also choose a coffee table that is made of fragile or delicate materials like glass.

Family room

When it comes to a family room, choosing a coffee table that is made of sturdy and durable material is a wiser idea. The table may need to deal with heavy weights (like the kids sitting on it) or spilled food. Also, a table that comes with storage stations can handle a lot of family items conveniently.


There are a lot of material options when you are shopping for a coffee table. Of course, wood is always the favorite material but you can also choose other options like metal, acrylic, and stone.

Besides the material that builds the structure of the table, consider the tabletop as well. Glass and marble can be beautiful options if you’d like to make the table the centerpiece of the room.

Above everything, always put durability and reliability as the first criteria to keep in mind.


You can’t have a coffee table that looks too small or too big for your living room or family room. You can refer to the pieces of furniture that surround the table to create a proper proportion.

Always provide ample space between the side of the tables and the sofas, so the room won’t feel cramped. Another rule of thumb is also to choose a coffee table with a similar height to the sofa.


Choosing the shape of the coffee table can also be so confusing with abundant options available. Here’s what you can consider:

  • For a small living room, always choose an oval or rectangular coffee table.
  • For a big living room, you can choose a round or square coffee table which can complement the large sofas or sectionals.
  • If you have kids running around, it’s highly recommended to choose a coffee table without sharp corners, so the round or oval one is a wise choice.


The last consideration is to refer to how you’d like to use the table itself. The table should be more than a flat surface so you can have convenient storage stations.

The coffee table which comes with built-in drawers, shelves, or compartments is great to maximize the storage stations of the room. For more convenient use, you can also choose a coffee table with casters and wheels.

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