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Bookcase is definitely a good option to become the main or additional storage station for your living room and bedroom. They are enough to occupy your books, decor items, and other stuff.

How to Choose a Bookcase
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To get a bookcase that actually suits your needs and taste. you might want to consider a few things. A bookcase can be such a pricey item to purchase, so you don’t want to end up having the one that doesn’t really provide you with good convenience.

The space of your room, the design of the bookcase, and the materials that they use are just some factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a bookcase. You will find tons of options so you will need to narrow down the choice by considering them.

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Below, we have a quick guide on how to choose a bookcase that will totally help you to find the right one.

How to Choose a Bookcase

How to Choose a Bookcase 1
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Choose the Type

First, let’s get to know some popular types of bookcases that you will find in the market:

Standard bookcases – This one is the most popular bookcase that you often see. It comes with horizontal shelving in a freestanding design. To support its structure, the standard bookcases use side and back walls. You can find the ones which can sit either horizontally or vertically and are commonly made of wood.

Etagere bookcases – If you prefer a bookcase that can beautifully showcase your books and decor items, this one is a good option. It comes with an open-back design which provides openly spacious space to store your stuff neatly. Etagere bookcases don’t come with supporting walls and back walls.

Barrister bookcases

Barrister bookcases are designed to protect your books or decor items from dust and dirt since they come with solid or glass doors. Therefore, it’s suitable for formal room decor.

Library bookcases

A library bookcase can accommodate tons of books which are great for you who want to display all of yours.

Ladder bookcases

For you who want a bookcase that can give a more distinctive touch to the decor of the room, a ladder bookcase is surely a go. As the name suggests, this type of bookcase comes in a ladder design in which, typically, the size of the shelves gets smaller toward the top.

Corner bookshelf

A corner bookcase is a good option for a room with limited space. It’s designed to fit a corner of the room but still provides ample space to store your books.

Room divider

This type of bookcase can also work to create sections in a large room. They can come in a see-through design which allows you to take a peek across the room and with a back wall to provide more privacy.

Choose the material

When it comes to the materials that build up a bookcase, you will need to consider two factors which are the ones that build its shelf and frame.

  • Wood – Most bookcases use wood as their shelving since it’s the most popular option. They are durable and available in various style options. Its sturdiness makes it quite heavy, so it’s not really that versatile.
  • Metal – The sturdiest material of a bookshelf that requires easier maintenance than wood. Just like wood, a metal bookcase tends to be heavy. Always find the ones which are well coated to make it look nice over time.
  • Plastic – You will not find mold or rust when you choose a bookcase with a plastic frame or shelves. However, most of them are more suitable for lightweight items. It’s also a good option for you who are looking for a bookcase on a low budget.
  • Glass – For sure, a glass shelf will bring the style of your home to a whole new level, but you must be extra careful in using this material. All-glass bookshelf is considered the most expensive option of all.

Check the features

To provide more convenience, some bookshelf also come with additional features that may or may not suit you. Below are some popular features that you may find:

  • Adjustable shelving – By this feature. you can adjust the height of each shelf to suit the size of your books or decor items. It’s a common additional feature that actually gives you more convenience.
  • Fully assembled – For you who are not handy enough, choose a fully assembled bookcase. You will not have to assemble the pieces of the shelf which can be quite tricky and takes a lot of time.
  • Built-in storage – If you need a bookcase that also works as an additional storage station, you can find the ones with built-in storage. The most common option is a bookcase which has drawers so you can hide some stuff neatly.
  • Stackable shelf – A bookcase with a stackable feature allows you to adjust how many shelves you need. For instance, you might just need three shelves to store your book at the moment and you can add more shelves when the new books come.
  • Foldable bookcase – This feature is perfect for you who often move here and there. It has such a great versatility in that you just need to fold it when you

Select the orientation

The orientation of the bookcase can also become an important consideration to determine which one provides you the best convenience.

Horizontal bookcase

Bookcases with horizontal orientation are shorter but larger which makes them good for you who have a room with ample space. Its long design also allows you to have a lot of sections that are easy to reach since you don’t have to get the books on the top shelf. Further, you can also decorate the top of the bookcases or store some stuff neatly.

Vertical bookcase

The tall design of the vertical bookcase doesn’t require a lot of space so you can fit it into a small room. Some vertical bookcases also come with drawers to give you more storage stations.

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