How to Buy the Right Washing Machine For Your Needs

Buying a washing machine can be quite a challenging job. This home appliance is offered in various technology, design, convenience, and durability which makes it so confusing to find the best one.

How to Buy the Right Washing Machine
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Moreover, you will find that each manufacturer claims this and that jargon for their products which makes the job even harder. You might end up purchasing the bad one.

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To help you narrow down those abundant options, here we have a simple guide on how to buy the right washing machine. Each of the steps below will guide you to find the one that really suits your daily needs.

How to Buy the Right Washing Machine

How to Buy the Right Washing Machine 1
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Loader Types

As you may have been aware, there are two types of washing machine loaders in general which are front and top loaders. This consideration should be determined on your laundry space, mobility, and perhaps, your previous washing machine. Each one of them has plus and minus points, here’s what you can consider:

Front Loaders

This type of washing machine is known for its great performance and energy efficiency, even considered better than the top-loading washing machine. It washes your clothes by turning them around in a tumbling way and then repeatedly picking and dropping them into the water.

However, front-loading washing machine is more expensive than top-loading ones. In the long run, though, you can save your water and electricity bills.

Top Loaders

For you who have a limited budget, the top-loading washing machines are the best options. It offers faster performance and is generally lightweight which makes it more versatile. The design also allows you to retrieve some dangerous items that you mistakenly put into the machine keys or phones.

If front loaders emphasize movement on their washing system, the top loaders rely on water which, of course, requires a lot of it. That being said, it can cost more in the long run.

Machine Capacity

The bigger the household is, the larger machine that you need since you may need to wash big stuff like bedding. In general, the capacity of a washing machine is available from 5 kg to 18 kg, you can always find the one that suits your needs.

To start, you can see how many dirty clothes you typically load regularly. It will determine what capacity you actually need. You may think that you need huge machine capacity, but keep in mind that, we averagely use a half full of our washing machine.

Available Space

In addition to choosing the machine capacity, you should also examine the available space where you would like to place it. Besides the space needed for the machine to sit on, you should also consider the room for the lid when the machine is open, move and place the basket, and load and unload the machine.

The front-loading machine is always the best option when you have tight space. They are also even designed to suit the dimensions of a standard kitchen cabinet, so it won’t take a lot of space.

Single Washer or Combo

There are front-loading washing machines that come with a built-in dryer which is, of course, a great option but they can be quite pricey. They can also get damaged easily and take a longer drying time.

Cycle Time

When it comes to the cycle times, the top-loading washing machine is the winner in general. It’s because they rely on the amount of water for their washing performance. The front loaders, on the other hand, provide a shorter drying time since it doesn’t require a lot of water to wash your clothes.

Noise Created

You don’t want to hear annoying noises every time you do the laundry at your home. It’s said that front-loaders can be generally louder than the top loaders since they rely on movement to wash your cloth.

However, today you can find a lot of washing machines that have been designed to create lower noises. You can always read the features of each washing machine that you find.

Another consideration is that you can place the washing machine far from the living room or bedroom if your house is large enough. The fully-covered laundry room which is far from the rooms where everyone gathers or you take some rest is always a wise idea.

Hot and Cold Operations

For washing machines that come with hot and cold water features, you might need to install a special connector. You can use hot water to remove difficult stains.

Child Lock

If you have some children running around, you might want to consider this feature which allows you to lock the door and program when the machine is running. You can find some manufacturers adding this feature so you won’t have to worry if you wash with your kids next to you.

More Important Considerations

There are some simple yet important things that you need to keep in mind in choosing a washing machine, such as:

  • Controls – Check whether the label of the control on the unit looks clear or not.
  • Door size – For you who come to the store directly, don’t miss to open the door of the unit to see if it’s large enough for your regular wash and fit your laundry room.
  • Sensitivity – If possible, try to turn on each program of the unit to see whether they are intuitive enough or not.
  • Lint filter – Check the lint filter, the good one should be easy to clean.
  • Detergent dispenser – If the washer comes with a built-in detergent dispenser, try to play with it to see whether it’s convenient enough to use or not.

So, there’s no stress anymore, right? Hopefully, our guide on How to Buy the Right Washing Machine above can be used as an ultimate reference when you are planning on replacing your old washer or buying a new one.

Happy shopping then!

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