A Quick Guide on How to Choose the Best Cat Playpens

When you have decided to adopt one furry friend or two, considering buying a cat playpen is definitely a good idea. You’ll never know how much you need it to keep them safe and happy all the time.

How to Choose the Best Cat Playpens
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A playpen is not a cage, instead, it provides a fun space for your cat to play around or simply have some relaxing time. Not only keeping your cats in place, but a playpen can also ease the stress that they may feel due to several reasons.

There are plenty of cat playpens that are made of various materials, designed in various styles, and offered at various price tags. Choosing the right one actually depends on how you would like to use it and your cats’ behavior is. In other words, both your cats and your lifestyle are what mainly determine what kind of playpen you should purchase.

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In this article, we will walk you through some steps that you can keep in mind in choosing the right playpen that suits you and your cats well. It will help you to narrow down the abundant options in the market.

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Why You Should Have a Cat Playpen

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Before we go to some things to consider when you are planning to buy a playpen, below we share with you some reasons why buying a playpen is definitely a good idea.

Keep them in place

Playpen is great for you who often leave your cats alone in your house since you may have to work during the weekdays, for instance. When they stay inside a playpen, you will be sure enough that they will stay in place and not break those vases or damage your sofa.

Keep everyone safe

Having your cats walk around your house all the time may not always be a good idea, especially when you got busy traffic around every day. They may get beneath everyone’s legs which can be quite annoying and dangerous. Further, when you have guests who are afraid of cats, you can keep them inside the playpen for a while.

Keep you company

Even when you love to travel, you still can bring your beloved cats with you once you have a playpen since there are ones that are designed with good portability. You can easily set the playpen when you need it, carry your cats around, and fold it when you don’t need it.

Keep them happy

You may want to take your cats outdoor, but they may get anxious as they mostly spend their time inside your house. A playpen that is designed to be placed indoor and outdoor can help your cats to get to know the world safely. You just need to place the playpen outside and let the cats inside until they are comfortable enough to play around.

Keep them relaxed

When you got a new cat or add a new one, it would be best if you place them inside the playpen. It’s also recommended by the vets to relax them and ease the tension with the existing cats in your house. Moreover, a playpen can provide a relaxing spot for your cats after the vet visit.

How to Choose the Best Cat Playpens

Keep some factors below in mind so you can get a cat playpen that is right both for you and your beloved furry living dolls.

Consider the safety

When it comes to the safety of a playpen, you have to make sure that it stays on the ground and doesn’t move here and there when your cats are playing around. The build quality should be sturdy enough.

If the playpen comes with a latch, it should be secure and solid that your cat won’t be able to unlatch it (some smart cats can do this, really!). Then, examine the playpen carefully to see whether there are sharp edges or points which can be dangerous for your cats, of course.

Ensure the comfort

Your cats will not want to stay when it doesn’t provide enough comfort for them. They will always try to find a way out and meow loudly. Check whether the space inside the playpen is spacious and airy enough so they won’t feel like they are caged.

Determine the Placement

Think about where you would like to place the playpen. Are you planning to place it indoors or outdoor or even both?

Yes, you can find a playpen which is designed to place both indoor and outdoor. They are typically lightweight so you can move them around easily. If you already plan to place the playpen in a specific spot, then you can choose an indoor or outdoor playpen. If you’d like to place it outdoor, always choose the one which is easy to clean and water-resistant.

In addition to those ‘permanent’ playpens, you can also consider the portable one that you can carry as you travel. They are designed to have good versatility in which you can move them around easily and fold and unfold them as you need. The travel playpens are typically made of mesh and fabric or plastic.


Having a cat playpen is always a good idea to consider, so both you and your cats can have a piece of mind. It’s a fun and safe place for your cats so they will love to spend their time every single day.

You may find it confusing to find the best playpen that can provide great convenience, so you can use our guide on How to Choose the Best Cat Playpens above as an ultimate reference. Follow the steps that we have shared and you will find it easier to get the one that suits you and the cats’ needs.

Above all, the best cat playpen is the one that can become a safe sanctuary for your cats. You have to make sure that they love their playpens or you will just end up wasting your money.

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