Living Room 101 | How to Choose Ceiling Fan to Chill the Vibe

A ceiling fan is always a nice addition to every living room. It will cool down the air around the room when summer comes.

How to Choose Ceiling Fan

Moreover, a ceiling fan is also part of the room’s décor which can give a more attractive touch to its overall look. In fact, it can be one of the main focal points that draw most of the attention.

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In this article, we share with you a simple guide on how to choose ceiling fan that will help you to find the best one!

How to Choose Ceiling Fan to Chill the Vibe

How to Choose Ceiling Fan 1

Determine the Size

The very first step is to determine the size of the ceiling that really suits you. It’s very important for you to choose the right size of fan for your space. A fan that is too small for your living room should work harder and will not provide you the best comfort while a big fan for a small room can create a very uncomfortable vibe.

You can refer to this guide on the American Lighting Association to determine the size of the ceiling fan which is perfect for your living room.

Determine the Position

The distance between the fan and the floor should be at least 2.1 meters. Use this measurement to determine the type of ceiling fan that you have to buy.

If you have a living room with low ceilings, choosing a ceiling with a flush-mount design is surely a wiser idea instead of buying the one with an extension rod. For further advice, you might want to ask an electrician.

Determine the Control Options

There are several options when it comes to the control system of the ceiling fan. Of course, the most convenient one is the one which comes with a remote control since you can manage it anywhere. The other options are the wall switch and pull chain which is considered more old-fashioned but may be quite unique.

Determine the Style

Today, you can find tons of ceiling fan designs in various colors and shapes. The rule of thumb is to refer to the existing decorating style of your house. For instance, a ceiling fan with a clean-lined shape and monochrome finish is a good option to complement a minimalist living room.

Besides the overall look, some ceiling fans also come with additional features like built-in lights. Of course, this kind of fan can be a good option to become the main lighting source of the room

Determine the Materials

When it comes to ceiling fans, the material that builds their blades is the main consideration. In general, the blades are made of plastic, metal, plywood, and timber.

You can do some research to find out the plus and minus points of each material.

Determine Your Budget

The price of a ceiling fab is mainly determined by the materials, designs, and additional features. You can set a particular price range in accordance with your budget to find the one which is good for you.

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