Home Decor 101: How to Choose Door Knobs on a Budget

You may think that buying new door knobs is just a simple job, but when you look for them offline or online, you will find tons of options. Of course, this circumstance may confuse you to pick the best one.

How to Choose Door Knobs

Door knobs should offer proper functions overtimes and contribute to decorating the overall look of your house. To find the ones that can do both jobs very well, you may need to consider some factors before spending a lot to buy them.

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In this article, we share with you an easy guide that will help you to find the best door knob for any area in your home. You can use it as a reference when you are planning on adding or replacing your door knobs.

How to Choose Door Knobs

How to Choose Door Knobs 1


First, think about how many doors all-around your house. Make sure that you don’t miss one so you can purchase everything at once.

It’s always a wiser idea to replace every single knob for every door so everything will match properly. Keep in mind to also put the rooms that you rarely use every day daily like laundry rooms and basement entries to your list.


Most of the time, a lot of homeowners don’t really pay attention to the design of the door knobs when it’s actually an important consideration to keep in mind. In general, you can find two styles which are classic and modern.

The classic door knobs come with ornates and curves while the modern ones look sleeker with a more clean-lined style. Of course, the easiest way is to refer to the overall look or existing decorating style of your home. Moreover, some door knobs are also designed for people with health issues like arthritic hands.


Just like design, the finish of door knobs is also another thing that relates to your personal taste and the decor of your house. To determine this, you may need to look around the other hardware in all of the rooms like the faucets, cabinet pulls, and others. You can match the finish with other fixtures which can create a nicely harmonious overall look. 

However, it’s never wrong to choose door knobs with more than one finish if you prefer to have a more distinctive decor. Consider not choosing more than four finishes though to avoid overwhelming nuance.


Today, you can find door knobs that you can install all by yourself in which you only need as simple as a screwdriver to get things done. This type of door knob usually fits the standard pre-drilled doors. Of course, by installing the door knob all by yourself, you can save a lot of money since you don’t have to hire a pro.

Security and Durability

This consideration is mainly applicable to exterior doors. You may need to choose door knobs that come with more security and durability. Choose door knobs that are specifically designed for exterior areas.

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