A Quick Guide on How to Choose Living Room Art for a Wonderful Decor

It’s never a bad idea to add some wall art to the decor of your beloved living room. They will easily become an element that draws most of the attention and serve as one of the main focal points of the room.

How to Choose Living Room Art

It’s perhaps safe to say that the absence of wall decor kinda makes your living room feel empty. Some of you may think that it’s not an important element of the room like those pieces of furniture when actually, it is.

With tons of catchy wall hangings available in the market, you don’t have to be a rich collector to have one. They are offered at various price tags to suit your budget and designed in various styles to suit the nuance of your living room decor.

On the other hand, with those abundant options, choosing the best wall art for your very own living room can be quite challenging. Remember, wall art should be able to complement the color, pattern, and texture that come from other decor items.

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There’s a huge possibility that you may end up purchasing a wall art that breaks the look of the room instead of making it up. To help you out, here, we have a simple guide that will help you how to choose living room wall art.

How to Choose Living Room Art

How to Choose Living Room Art 1

Out of all the steps that we have compiled, the silver lining of everything is actually back to your own personal taste. But, to make it way more perfect, you can follow the steps in addition to your personal taste.


There are two key points to consider here which are the size of the wall art and the space available for the wall. You have to keep them both in a balanced proportion. The wall arts with the wrong size will totally ruin the overall look of your living room, so start filtering your research by size first.


This actually still relates to the size, If you would like to put it above the sofa and let it become a single focal point of the room, it’s okay for you to choose a large all art or a set of paintings. Of course, it’s not a wise idea to place a big wall art above a buffet that already has some decor items placed on it.


You can either choose wall art that complements the color of the room or the one that looks juxtaposing the nuance. For harmonization, choose wall art that comes with one or two colors of the palette. Be careful if you’d like to go more eclectic, don’t let the wall art look like an ‘outsider’ of the decor.


To create a harmonious nuance, you should choose wall art that fits the decorating style of your living room. If you already style the room with earthy nuance, for instance, you can hang some wall art with botanical prints.

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