WFH Buying Guide | How to Choose Office Chair for Home on a Budget

Workhome is a new normal, that’s probably the best statement to describe today’s happening. Most of us no longer have to go to the office on weekdays since it would be better for everyone to stay at home even to fulfill our obligation.

How to Choose Office Chair for Home

That being said, it’s definitely important to turn our bedroom or living room into a cozy workspace so we can still be productive even when everything is done online. With an uncomfortable workspace, you may not be able to reach those intimidating targets on a regular basis.

Of course, a good office chair is an essential part of a nice workplace. The chair should give you maximum comfort since you will spend most of time of the day sitting when you are working. 

You may think that a cheap chair that looks just enough for you to sit on is the one that you can just purchase. When actually, you have to buy a high-quality chair with a good ergonomic feature that will boost up your creativity.

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In this article, we share with you how to choose office chair for home guide that will totally help you to find the best one. You will know what to start when you are planning on buying an office chair for your WFH activities.

How to Choose Office Chair for Home

How to Choose Office Chair for Home 1

A good chair will make your work experience feel great. You will love to sit on it even when your boss seems to be a lot.

Adjustable Height

Finding an office chair with an adjustable height feature should be the first thing to keep in mind. Why? Because an ideal office chair should make your thighs level with the hips which is meant to limit the back and hip strain.

Tilt Feature

To protect your spine, a chair with tilt control will do its best. You can find some chairs with reclining options that can make your posture slightly reclined.

Seat Dimensions

Your seat shouldn’t be too fit or too small for your body. When the seat is too wide, you will find it hard to use the armrest and the one which is too small can make you feel constrained. Always measure the width and length of the seat that you’d like to buy and measure whether it fits your posture well or not.

Armest Choices

The armrest is great support for your forearms, neck, and shoulders. An office chair that comes with adjustable armchairs is the best since it can adapt to your posture. Just like the seat dimension, the armrests should perfectly suit your posture.

Material Options

The material of an office chair also contributes to the comfort that you’ll feel. The chair with a faux leather seat and mesh back is considered the best option. It’s because they can provide a plush feel when you sit on and a breathable feel when you rest your back. It would be best if you could try the seat before purchasing it.

Mobility Feature

Some chairs come with wheels which, of course, give you more convenience when you need to move here and there while working or reposition your workspace. The chairs which allow you to pivot is also the best one, so you can adjust your facing direction. Don’t forget to choose a chair that can lock these features so you can ‘deactivate’ them when you don’t actually need them.

Lumbar Support

Lumbar area is located between your hips and chest. When you sit for a long time, this area should be properly supported. Today, a lot of office chairs have been designed to protect your lumbar. Their back and seat come with the lumbar protection feature.

Additional Features

To give you ultimate comfort, considering some additional features is never a bad idea. For instance, the chairs with headrests and divided seatbacks can somehow reduce the stress on some parts of your body. These ergonomic features are great for you who have certain medical issues.

So those are some steps that you can keep in mind when you are planning on buying an office chair for your home. It can be a guide that you can refer to so you won’t be too confused in choosing the best office chair that suits you well.

In general, there are five types of office chairs which are task chairs, ergonomic chairs, drafting chairs, reception chairs, and stackable chairs. You can always choose the one which is best for you.

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