Living Room 101: How to Choose Sofa Color for Chic and Cozy Decor

Buying a new sofa is like an investment. That being said it’s always important that you choose the one with high-quality inside and outside.

How to Choose Sofa Color

As a part of the décor, a sofa should also give another attractive touch to the overall look of your living room. It has to be able to enhance the style of the room since it works as one of the main focal points inside.

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Below, we have a quick guide on how to choose sofa color that you can use as an ultimate reference.

How to Choose Sofa Color

How to Choose Sofa Color 1

Decide Its Role

What it means by this step is that you have to decide how the sofa will work in the décor of your living room first. The pieces of furniture are already the main focal points of the room but there must be one or two of those becoming the statements of the décor.

If you’d like the sofa to give a new statement to your living room décor, you can consider choosing the one which looks brighter and bolder. For you who prefer your new sofa to be more understated, the neutral-colored ones can be a good option.

Choose the Shades

Once you have decided how you want your sofa to decorate your beloved living room, it’s time to pick the particular shades. Whether you’d like to buy a statement sofa or the one that is more understated, the options are two in general which are light and dark hues.

To determine this, you can refer to other décor elements of the room and your personal taste. For instance, if you want to match the sofa with your dark wood flooring, then you need the one with a darker hue.

Consider the Trend

But it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a sofa with the latest color trend of the year, instead, it’s much wiser if you go with the one which will look beautiful for years. Again, you might need to refer to your personal preference to pick which color that you will not get bored or tired of. You can think about the color that you will forever love and like to wear all this time.

Think about Versatility

This consideration is an important notion for you who tend to move here and there, choosing a sofa which can easily match with other colors is a must. It’s also a good point when you love to redecorate your living room from time to time.

The rule of thumb is that neutral-colored furniture is always a friendly one to go with any other colors. But, you can also choose other shades but make sure that they tend to look calming instead of intimidating.

Refer to Your Lifestyle

The last step is to think about your own lifestyle. For instance, if you have pets or kids that run around the living room all the time, a sofa with light color might not a good option since they can get dirty easily.

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