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When it comes to providing a seating area in a living room, sectionals should be put on top of your list, for sure. It comes in some couches or sofas which are arranged in a particular style.


How to Choose the Best Sectionals
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In general, sectionals contain 2 to 6 pieces in one unit. They can provide some functions to provide maximum comfort for you, the family members, and the coming guests.

Of course, you will find tons of sectionals that may confuse you to find the right one. You may end up purchasing a sectional which is not enough to comfort everyone or a sectional that doesn’t for your beloved living room.

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Below, we have a quick guide on How to Choose the Best Sectional that you can use for ultimate reference.

How to Choose the Best Sectional

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Determine your price range

Check your budget first to narrow down the abundant option that you will find in the market. You can choose the sectionals within your affordable price range.

There are several factors that determine the price of a sectional like additional features, materials, and size. Generally, you will find an expensive sofa has more pieces, so you may need to avoid this type of sectional when you have a limited budget.

Another consideration is how you would like to use your sectional, whether it’s to replace the existing seating feature in your living room completely or just to add more seating space around. If you prefer a large sofa to replace everything, you can consider selling your old sofa and chairs to ease your budget.

Take a look at the room’s availability

Once you have specified your choice with your suitable price range, the next step is to take a look at your living room size and shape. You can start by measuring the size of the room and see whether it suits the overall dimension of the sectionals. If you find it difficult, you can look for a free tool that will help you to match your sectionals with your own living room.

Further, the steps below can help you to find the best sectionals which are perfect for your living room:

  • Allow some space – Though a sectional is indeed the main focal point of the room, make sure that you still leave some space and don’t make it overcrowd the room. The rule of thumb is that you need to leave at least 18″ of space on both sides of the sectional. It will allow the traffic around the room in a very convenient way.
  • Allow architectural features to be seen – Another common mistake that will happen when you buy a sectional with the wrong size is that you may block the architectural features in the room like the windows, shelving, or fireplace.
  • Place the chaise properly – If the sectional comes with a chaise, you need to carefully place it. Most of the time, the chaise of the sectional can overly take over the space of the room and limit the traffic around. Make sure that it fits the space across the room properly.

How you’d like to use it?

Planning on how you would like to use the sectional is such an important factor, so you can get the one that will occupy your needs. Do you plan to use the sectional to entertain the guests frequently? If so, then you will need the one with a lot of seating space. If the goal is to use the sectional for some chilling Netflix time, you can purchase the one which comes with the chaise lounge.

This consideration will totally help you to even narrow down the options

Learn the furniture scale

The furniture scale is one of the factors which is mostly ignored in choosing the right sectional when it’s actually so important. This step is mainly about how the width, height, and length of the furniture is measured in a proportional way.

In other words, your sectional should flow beautifully and comfortably with other pieces of furniture and the layout of the room. For instance, if you have a room with a high ceiling, a sectional with a high back or length is a good option or when you have a minimalist loveseat and coffee table, a sectional in the simple design and small dimensions will properly complement them.

Match it with the decor of the room

If you have decorated your living room or some have styles in mind, keep in mind to find a sectional that matches beautifully. A sectional will become the main focal point of the room, so you need to find a matching one to create a harmonious overall look.

A sectional will clean-lined design fits well for a living room with a minimalist decorating style while the ones with a more ornate silhouette look good in a classic living room. You can find tons of inspiration that show you how to match a sectional with living room decor.

Choose sectional types

There are some types of sectionals that you will find in the market which are mainly determined by their shapes and styles.

  • L-Shaped Sectionals – This is the most popular type of sectional of all time. As the name implies, it comes with an L-shaped layout on one of its ends that is longer than the other end.
  • Chaise Sectionals – At first glance, chaise sectionals also come in L-shape. The difference is, this one is two long seatings arranged in an L-shaped layout instead of containing some modular sofas.
  • U-shaped Sectionals – For you who are looking for a large sectional, a u-shaped sectional is a good option. It provides more seating space than the L-shaped one.
  • Symmetrical Sectionals – A symmetrical sectional actually looks like an L-shaped sectional but both sides come in the same length. With this style, you can have a bit more seating space,
  • Modular Sectionals – If those sectionals in a solid entity don’t work for you, you can go with a modular sectional. You can freely arrange each piece which is great for the living room with odd shapes or decors.
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