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Some of you may think that a throw blanket is not an important thing to add to your living room decor. It doesn’t have such a significant function so its existence is not that necessary.

how to choose throw blanket

But imagine having just a single throw blanket that can warm you up while you’re watching a movie, it sounds irresistible, right? So, adding a throw blanket is not a bad idea after all.

For you who don’t know what a throw blanket is, well, it’s basically a blanket that is smaller in size and mainly works to decorate a living room or a bedroom. But a blanket is a blanket in which you can use to comfort your body when the temperature around is quite low.

Getting a throw blanket that looks catchy and feels cozy at the same time is not that easy. Especially, when you can find tons of throw blanket in the market today which is designed in various styles, made of various materials, and offered at various price tags.

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But no worries, in this article, we share with you a simple guide on how to choose throw blanket that will help you to have the best one.

How to Choose Throw Blanket

how to choose throw blanket 1

It’s safe to say that a throw blanket is such an essential addition to your living room decor, considering the winter is coming around anyway.

Choose the size

Commonly, a rug for the living room is measured around 50 x 60 inches. A lot of manufacturers create a throw blanket in 54 x 60 inches and 54 x 70 inches. But, you can choose the ones which suit your need perfectly.

Pick the type

There are 5 types of throw blankets which include:

  • Summer throws – Just like the name suggests, this kind of throw doesn’t really warm up your body since it’s thinner. It’s commonly made of polyester and microfiber.
  • Printed throws – The most common types of throw blankets which are commonly made of cotton and fleece.
  • Reversible throws – This kind of blanket can be used in a two-sided way. Besides the print, the reversible blankets can also be made of two different materials.
  • Knitted throws – If you want to give heavy texture to your living room decor, a knitted throw blanket is a great choice. It’s also perfect to warm up your winter.
  • Tussle-edged throws – This kind of throw is better for you who mainly want to make it to decorate the room. The tussle edging of the throws look so catchy.

Select the style

Basically, throw blankets come in a plain and patterned look. The plain throws are good for you who love a minimalist decorating style or to neutralize the room with eclectic nuance. You can go with the patterned one to give a more attractive touch around.

Consider the number

To determine how many throws that you need to buy, of course, it actually depends on your needs. Another consideration is to refer to the throw pillows that you have. The rule of thumb is that if you have two pillows use one blanket or three pillows for two blankets.

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