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A living room is a spot for everyone to do a lot of activities starting from watching your favorite TV programs to taking a cozy nap. That’s why making the room feel as comfortable as possible is crucial.

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TV is often the main entertaining source in the living room which brings happiness around. You have to put it in the perfect position so everyone can have a perfect joyful time.

Of course, you need a TV stand or console as the station to store it. When it comes to placing a TV stand, its position should be as proper as possible which includes the distance between the TV and the sofa and how high the TV is placed.

The improper TV position can make everything feel so awkward when everyone gathers around the room. It can even lead to some health problems like neck and back problems.

Moreover, a TV stand or console is also the main focal point of the decor which makes it has to be able to enhance the attractiveness around. It should give a more aesthetic appeal to the overall look of the room.

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That being said, choosing the best TV stand is a must. You can’t end up buying the one that doesn’t provide enough comfort for all family members and coming guests.

How to Choose Best TV Stand

How to Choose Best TV Stand

To help you to find the right TV stand which serves functional and aesthetic purposes, we have compiled some steps that will totally help you out. Just keep scrolling to find our guide on how to choose TV stand below!

Determine the best viewing height

Actually, the right viewing height of a TV depends on the height of the sofa, but the rule of thumb is of a TV height is 42 inches. Make sure to measure the average eye level from your seating area.

Choose the right width

It’s always a wiser idea to choose a TV stand which is wider than the screen. It’s meant to avoid bumping or topping, especially when the room has kind of high traffic. You can choose a TV stand with the same width as the display if the TV is the smaller one.

Pick a design

As mentioned above, a TV stand should also make up the overall look of the room. While there are tons of options available in the market, always stick to the idea that the design of the console perfectly complements the decorating style of the room. For instance, a TV stand with a square shape, clean-lined style, and neutral finish is best for you who have a minimalist living room instead of the one with ornaments or carvings.

Select the material

Commonly, a TV stand is made of wood, particleboard, metal, glass, and MDF. Do some research to find the plus and minus points of each material, so you can get one that perfectly suits you.

Consider additional features

Choosing a TV console that comes with additional features like shelves, cabinets and drawers can give you more benefits.

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