How to Create A Workspace in Bedroom | Simple Tutorial

Work from home (WFH) is the new normal, so like it or not, you have to turn your messy bedroom into a cozy home office. You can’t surely work in a room where things are scattered all around the room, gloomy, and even smell bad.

How to Create A Workspace in Bedroom
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A good workspace. of course, plays a huge role in your productivity. A room that is properly decorated as a workspace will let you contribute your best to your company so you can still maintain your performance though you’re working just two steps away from your beloved bed.

Therefore, it’s definitely a good idea for you to know some steps that you have to do when you are about to bring your office to your bedroom. In this article, we have a simple tutorial on How to Create A Workspace in Bedroom that you can use as an ultimate reference.

How to Create A Workspace in Bedroom

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Divide Your Room

The rule of thumb is that your workspace should be separated from your bedroom since it can drive your focus better, said by the experts. When you connect your workspace to another room, you tend to find it more difficult to set your focus, especially when you have less privacy where other family members are free to come in and out.

But no worries, you still can turn one of the corners of your bedroom into a workspace when it’s not possible to set one particular room into one. Your workspace doesn’t have to be huge, it’s enough as long as it fits a convenient table and chair. Make sure that your cornered workspace has everything all set which includes electricity, internet connection, and other necessary utilities.

In addition, you can also consider installing a curtain to divide your workspace and sleep zones. The upholstered screens, wood-slatted partitions, or pegboard are also great options for room separation.

Consider your workload

This second step actually relates to the size of the room. Your workload will determine the dimensions of the workspace that suits you best. For instance, if you are an architect working from home, you may need a larger desk than those who work as accountants.

The size of the furniture to support your workload should fit the room properly. You don’t want to have a room that is too small which feels cramped while the room which is too big can sometimes make things not easy to reach if it’s set improperly.

Put everything in place

As mentioned above, everything in a proper workspace should be easy to reach. Though you only have one desk and one chair, you have to make sure that other equipment like your work phone, stationery, end even trash bin should not be far from your chair.

Don’t let the objects that you don’t actually need clutter your desk since it will create a messy vibe. If you have some kids that run around, make sure that the important documents are out of their reach.

Set proper lighting

Proper lighting is, for sure, an essential element of a workspace. You can’t work comfortably without properly set lighting features.

Make sure that the light is healthy for your eyes. For you who work with a computer or laptop all day, white lights offer a nice illumination that won’t hurt your eyes as the yellow lights do.

Keep in mind to install a lamp that is not overly bright but not too dim either. The light which is too bright can make your eyes get tired easily while dimmer light can make you feel lousy.

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Make it cozy

Of course, the more comfortable your workspace is, the more productive you will be. When it comes to comfort, make sure that the room has good proper air circulation where the openings and ventilation are installed properly. If necessary, you can consider installing an air conditioner to cool down the room.

In addition, it would be nice if you can work while enjoying some views. You can set your workspace close to the windows so you can move your sight from your screen for some minutes to the outdoor surroundings.

However, setting your workspace close to the window doesn’t really work for you who needs more focus. Some of you may need to surround your workspace with plain walls to keep your focus all day long.

Pick the best furniture

Another important point to keep in mind when it comes to the best comfort is how you choose the pieces of furniture for your very own workspace. Remember that you will spend at least 7 hours of your day sitting on your chair and facing your laptop.

You can find a lot of chairs that are specifically designed for a home-office setup. The best ones usually come with ergonomic features that will support your posture well. The office table with the height that suits you best will give you great convenience. Allow some room around your working area (including underneath the desk) so you can stretch properly between your workloads.

If you have a bedroom with limited space, you might want to check the folding desk and chair that you can easily store in another room when you don’t use them.

The best pieces of furniture don’t always mean those that come with pricey tags, you can find the ones within your suitable price range if you look for them carefully.

Style up the space

Believe it or not, an aesthetic workspace has also something to do with your productivity. It’s because a gorgeous workspace will make you love to stay around even for a long time each and every single day.

If you have already decorated your bedroom with a particular style, make your workspace flow beautifully with its nuance. Consider placing some easy-to-maintain indoor plants to give a more refreshing vibe when you are chasing up your deadline.

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