How to Decorate Eclectic Style | Simple & Easy DIY Tutorial

If you think that minimalist decorating style is too boring and you want to go out of the box, the eclectic decorating style will suit you perfectly. You will love how eclectic decor can beautify your living space in a distinctive way.

how to decorate eclectic style

Unlike minimalist style which emphasizes simplicity, eclectic style is known for various mixtures of the elements of the room which gorgeously complement each other. You can add tons of colors, patterns, and textures to the decor of the room limitlessly.

In short, eclectic style is not entitled to any rules but emphasizes freedom. Therefore, once you choose an eclectic decorating style, you will have a unique living space with its own distinctive overall look.

However, just because you’re free to do what you want to do, it doesn’t mean that there’s no some kind of parameter that you can keep in mind to decorate your home with eclectic style. You can’t really randomly bring stuff to the room that may end up ruin its look.

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The principle to keep in mind is how all of the elements of the room can create harmony even if each one of them is juxtaposing each other. Well, it perhaps sounds more complicated, right?

But no worries, in this article, we share some steps that you can follow on how to decorate eclectic style. The tutorial is so easy to follow, so you can have an eclectic home in no time.

How to Decorate Eclectic Style

Remember, eclectic style is all about exploring your creativity, so just use the steps below as the basic guide to let everything harmonize with each other.

Create your own palette

how to decorate eclectic style 1

Before even getting started, you need to visualize how your eclectic decor will look like. You can start by creating the color pallet to determine what will be the main color of the room and the accents that will complement it.

Go neutral with the walls

how to decorate eclectic style 2

Choosing a neutral tone to colorize the walls of the room is definitely a wise decision when you want to go with an eclectic decorating style. It will ease you to play with the pieces of furniture and decor items and you can maximize enhancing the attractiveness of the room by utilizing those elements.

Determine the focal points

how to decorate eclectic style 3

With the mixture of various elements, the room can be overwhelming. Therefore, you need to determine which element of the room will make the most statement. For a small room, one focal point is enough to ease the tension.

Choose different furniture

how to decorate eclectic style 4

Pieces of furniture are the main actors of the room, so you can have fun with them. Choose different styles of furniture to easily create an eclectic atmosphere around. For instance, you can choose a rustic wood table to complement a modern leather sofa.

Keep everything in place

how to decorate eclectic style 5

Do not ever let your eclectic room look messy. Make sure that all the elements complement each other beautifully instead of creating a stuffy overall look. 

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