How to Decorate Rustic Style on a Budget | Easy DIY Home Project

Rustic decorating style is one of the options that will never fail to beautify your house. For years, this type of decor never leave its throne and is loved by tons of homeowners.

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As you may have known, rustic style is mainly about warmth which is derived from earthy raw elements like wood, rocks, or concrete. It will fill the room with rich textures that doesn’t only make it look adorable but also feel comfortable at the same time. Basically, rustic style will turn your home into a stunning log cabin which will surely amaze everyone. 

To neutralize the warm color, textures, and pattern from the decor items, the rustic style commonly uses a neutral tone as its main color. White, grey, and beige are mostly chosen to colorize the four sides of the wall which will let the other elements of the room pop up perfectly.

You can also combine rustic style with a modern touch to make it look more sophisticated. For instance, you can opt for clean-lined furniture, futuristic lighting, or chic wall arts. 

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There are some key elements that you have to keep in mind when you want to bring the rustic nuance to your house. In this article, we will share some steps that you can apply to decorate your home with a rustic decorating style.

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How to Decorate Rustic Style

Wood, wood, and wood

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Perhaps, it’s safe to say that you can’t have rustic decor without the existence of wood elements. The pieces of furniture with the distressed wood look are the best options to consider since they suit really well to become the main focal points of the room. 

Show off the brick

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The next step is to give one side of your neutral-colored walls a touch of brick look. It will surely give a significant change to the overall look of the room. You don’t have to remodel the wall, just simply apply a wallpaper with brick print to the accent or main wall of the room.

Bring some plants

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Add more earthy nuance by bringing some indoor plants around. You can either choose big tall plants that you can place in the corner of the room or the cute ones to decorate the side table or hanging shelf.

Warm up the decor

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As mentioned before, the rustic decorating style is famously known for its warm nuance. Besides those raw and earthy elements, you can enhance the vibe by adding some throw pillows and blankets to complete the decor. Burlap throw pillows and faux fur throw blankets will perfectly beautify the rustic room.

Consider industrial lighting

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The last step is actually kinda optional, but it will gorgeously complete the decor. Industrial-style lighting fixtures with raw metal look will make a stunning statement around that will flow really well with the rustic decorating style.

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