How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed Cheap with Only 5 Easy Steps

The raised garden bed is always a good addition that you can keep in mind when you want to make your outdoor living space become more alive. It’s a very easy way for you who want to start gardening.

As the name suggests, a raised garden bed is a container that is designed in an aboveground style that you have to fill with soil, compost, plants, and other things that relate to gardening. It commonly uses a wood frame to set the soil in place.

In other words, a raised garden bed or raised bed is a mini garden that can become the main attraction in your outdoor living space. Once you have a raised bed in your backyard, you will get some benefits like:

  • Good productivity of plants – The good drainage that a garden raised bed offers will make the plants grow much better. Moreover, since you can control the quality of the soil all by yourself, your plants will get good nutrition.
  • Space-saving yard addition – If you have limited space in your backyard yet want to have a fun garden to take care of, a raised bed is really a good choice.
  • Good for your health – When you plant the herbs on the ground, you may find it hard to take care of them since you have to bend and kneel, a raised bed won’t bother you with that.
  • Easy to maintain – Weed is hard to grow on the raised garden bed which makes it easier to maintain.

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So, adding a raised bed to your outdoor space will never do you wrong. With those benefits, you can have a backyard which is more fun to enjoy.

Below, we share a simple tutorial on how to fill a raised garden bed cheap that you can follow easily!

How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed Cheap

The raised garden bed is considered a cheap addition that you can build all by yourself. It’s a good choice for you who want to beautify your outdoor living space on a budget.

Measure the Bed

How to Fill a Raised Garden Bed Cheap 1

The first step that you have to do when you’d like to fill your raised bed is measuring its dimension. It then will determine how much soil and compost you have to add to the bed.

  • Use a tape measure, check the length, width, and depth of your raised bed.
  • Open your browser and go to the website which offers an online volume calculator for raised beds like on
  • You just need to input the measurement of your raised garden bed to find out the amount of soil and compost that you need.

Gather the Soil

There are two options that you can choose which are using the native soil or purchasing the topsoil from the local gardening stores. Using the native soil in your outdoor space is actually the best option which is also a cheaper way to fill the bed.

Prepare these tools:

  • Garden trowel
  • Wheelbarrow

Follow these steps:

  • Use a garden trowel, gather the amount of soil that the volume calculator tells you.
  • Use a wheelbarrow to collect the soil and move it closer to the bed.

Make the Compost

Similar to the soil, you can either make your own compost or purchase some from the gardening store. You just need to decompose the organic material around your backyard in a compost bin.

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Mix the Soil and Compost

diy compost

Now you can start filling the bed. You may need a gardening tool like a rake or you can even use your hands but don’t forget to use work or rubber gloves.

  • Use 1:1 ratio of compost and soil then you can pour them into the bed.
  • Mix the compost and soil thoroughly.

Remove Large Rocks

Large rocks can make the plants difficult to grow properly. If you notice some, just simply remove them from the bed and put somewhere around your backyard.

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Well, those are the steps that you can follow to fill your raised bed cheaply. You can just simply use the available natural materials around your backyard to fill it. Remember, you have to properly measure the soil and compost to let all the plants grow properly.

Have a nice try then!

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