How To Furnish A Vacation Rental Home Like An Interior Designer

If you own a vacation rental home or have put up one of your properties for that purpose, you need to realize that a lot goes into making a regular house a vacation rental. Travelers and visitors that utilize vacation rentals often have a set of requirements they want to be met. 

How To Furnish A Vacation Rental Home Like An Interior Designer

A couple that every renter will have in common is that they want a clean, functional space that is also aesthetically and visually appealing. Here is how to furnish a vacation rental home like an interior designer and blow everyone away. 

Be In The Mind Of A Traveler

Nowadays travelers have certain preferences for facilities and features they like to see in vacation rentals. The first thing to do is determine your target renter or traveler and then work your way from there. Are you looking to cater to younger couples or families with kids? 

Modern travelers also adore functionality so if you are catering to families or groups of friends you may want to make sure adequate seating is available along with extra mattresses and sofas that convert into beds for additional visitors. 

Functional furniture such as tables and chairs that can be folded away, ironing stands, and coat racks can also be greatly appreciated by a renter. If you are renting out a beach house or a cottage you may want to provide extra features such as a BBQ grill or outdoor furniture just to make the experience of staying there more comfortable and cozy. 

Ambiance & Experience

Vacation rentals are not just about having a place to stay, the homeowner needs to provide an experience to the traveler so they feel they are at a home away from home. That is also the way to get stellar reviews on websites and ultimately attract more clients and homeowners that manage their properties using vacation rental software find that positive feedback is an amazing tool to continue to financially utilize a house they own. 

For creating the ambiance you need to have aesthetic wall art, cushions and blankets, comfortable couches, candles, non-lumpy pillows, and really stunning lighting all over the house. A visitor will appreciate that one extra light or lamp in the closet or on the bedside table and the kind of bulbs you use greatly impact mood. 

Color Therapy 

As any interior designer will tell you, avoid using plain, bland colors in your vacation rental for furniture and décor. Many people actually prefer staying in vacation rentals as opposed to hotels because they want to enjoy the greater level of personalization that is present in someone’s home. 

If you use colors like white, brown, and beige a lot it can make your home boring to a visitor. Don’t be afraid of incorporating colors like blue and yellow that are universally associated with joy, rejuvenation, and tranquility. Richer colors can really brighten up smaller spaces like bathrooms, so if you are hiring bathroom remodelers, consider retiling or adding brightly colored accents to make showering and bathing a joy. 

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