5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During Home Repairs

If you are moving out or planning to sell your house and doing some much-needed renovations before you do that or even just getting repairs done by contractors, you may find that a house that isn’t occupied all the time or has people going in and out can be inviting to burglars, vandals, and trespassers. Here are some simple tips to keep your home safe during home repairs. 

5 Tips To Keep Your Home Safe During Home Repairs

  1. Don’t Leave The Key Under The Doormat

When you are having repairs or renovations done on your home, be wary of where the keys are and who has access to them. If you have given a contractor a set of keys, ask them to be careful about where they store them and to always lock up after they are finished for the day. Never make the mistake of leaving the key under the doormat or a flower pot! Having a pin code system in place for your doors can be better security-wise but only if you are careful about sharing the code. 

  1. Hide The Valuables

This may sound self-explanatory but many homeowners do not realize the percentage of their belongings that are actually valuable assets that shouldn’t fall into someone else’s hands. When opening your home for repairs, collect all your bank information, documents, and cards as well as jewelry and other valuables such as laptops, watches, and cameras and shift them into a new location for the time being. If that isn’t possible consider getting a safe for your valuables. It also helps to make an inventory of items that are precious to you so you can do a check after the repairs have been concluded. 

  1. Trustworthiness Matters

When hiring repairmen and contractors try to get people you already know or trust. If you are hiring entirely new people try to read reviews online, get customer testimonials and hire through word of mouth recommendations rather than blind faith. Trustworthiness may not seem like a skill for repairs and renovations but it can help you sleep better at night knowing your home is in good hands. A commercial roofing contractor in Chicago for example needs to be exceptionally skilled and experienced and also reputable and trustworthy. 

  1. Be Vigilant 

Having repairs done does not mean you should completely vacate the premises and not check up on what is going on. Make a point of dropping by unannounced daily if possible to make sure everything is alright. If you have CCTV cameras installed check the footage daily for any discrepancies or trespassers. Being vigilant also means you can direct the contractor better regarding the best kitchen designs in grey, white, and gold for example, or the best tile to use for the fireplace because it is better to communicate your choices in person rather than on the phone. 

  1. Be Wary Of Suspicious Visitors 

When a house is open to a team of repairmen and people are going in and out, scammers and suspicious people can also try to gain entry. Sometimes burglars and people with malicious intent claim to be employees of a company or contractors themselves so make sure you obtain a list beforehand of the personnel who will be working on your home. 

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