7 Simple Steps on How to Install Wood Fence Panels Quickly and Easily

When you are decorating your outdoor living space, a fence is like a must-added item to your list. It works both to beautify and secure your home which makes it such an important part of the decor that you have to keep in mind.

Wood is always on top of the list when we’re talking about the backyard fence up until today. This natural material is adored by a lot of homeowners to build the construction of their fencing due to some plus points, such as:

Easy to Install

This is probably the main reason why a wood fence is everyone’s favorite. For you who are familiar with woodworking, installing a wood fence is a piece of cake (well, depending on the design). It’s then can save you a lot of budgets since you don’t have to hire anyone.

More Affordable

Wood is a much cheaper alternative compared to wrought iron and vinyl. Therefore, it’s always a good option for you who want o build a fence on a budget.

Authentic Look

As a natural material, wood will flow beautifully with the surrounding of your outdoor living space. You can turn it into a variety of styles as you wish to beautify and comfort your backyard.

The tutorial on How to Install Wood Fence Panels below will guide you to decorate your outdoor living space in a very beautiful way!

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How to Install Wood Fence Panels Tutorial

In this tutorial, we’re going to use pre-fabricated panels that you can find easily at local home improvement stores. They are much easier to install and the one with shadowbox style is the most favorite option that you can consider.

Measure the Space

Once you have purchased the pre-fabricated panels, measure them from the outside edge to another. The measurement of the panels will be used to determine the measurement between each post of the panel.

Set the End Posts

Now, let’s set the posts for your fence that will be used to attach the panels. You can see this tutorial on How to Install Fence Post Quickly all By Yourself with 6 Simple Steps.

  • First, you need to install the two end posts.
  • Tie a string from one post to another, make sure that the line is level properly. This line will also be used to mark the distance between the bottom of the panels and the ground.
  • Use the measurement of the panels from step one to mark the distance between each post. Use tape or spray-paint to mark the location of each post.

Set the Fasteners

The brackets will work to attach the panels to the posts. Commonly, you will need 3 metal brackets for each post.

  • Measure the length from the bottom of the fence to the bottom edge of the lower rail and continue to measure the upper rails.
  • Mark the inside edge of the post with the measurement between the rails that you have measured. The marks will be used to attach the brackets.
  • Attach the metal brackets to the post on the marked spots by using galvanized nails.
  • Flatten the lower flanges (the bottom projecting flat rim) of two upper brackets.

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Set the Line Post

Instead of installing all the panels in one time, we’re going to finish per section of the panel. It’s a much better way to avoid mistakes that you need to fix by repeating the whole step again.

  • Install the first line post on the marked spot, make sure the distance between the line post and the end post fit well for the panel.
  • Do not pour the concrete yet, just temporarily brace the line post.
  • Use the same measurement that you apply to the end posts to attach the metal brackets to this line post. Flatten the flanges of two upper brackets just like the brackets on the other post.

Install the Panel

Now, it’s time to attach the panel, you have to be careful in installing it. Some help from a friend will do you good.

  • Slip down the rails of the panel to the brackets on each post. It should set on the bottom flange of the lower bracket.
  • Use the level to plumb the position of the panel.
  • Use exterior-grade screws to fasten the panel through the outside of the metal brackets.

Repeat the Step

To finish the whole section of the panel, you just need to repeat the step of installing the line post and attaching the panel above.

  • Always measure each panel to determine the spot to attach the brackets since each panel may have a slight difference.
  • Always make sure that the panel is secured enough to ensure the durability of the fence.

Set All the Posts

After you have finished attaching all the panels for the fence, you can set all the posts for the final step.

  • Pour the concrete to each post hole.
  • Wait until all the foundations of the posts are hardened.

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To get a more finished look on your wood fence panels, you can add some decorative touch like installing fascia boards or posts caps. It will make your fence look more attractive in beautifying the overall look of your outdoor living space.

Installing a backyard fence is surely a long process that takes a couple of days or more (depending on the size and your woodworking skill). It doesn’t mean it’s not doable all by yourself but you may need to use elbow grease to finish it.

Since you are dealing with sharp materials and tools, wearing some protective gear is highly recommended. The work gloves, eye goggles, and dust mask are some stuff that you can wear during the project.

The tutorial on How to Install Wood Fence Panels above is quite easy to follow which is so worth adding to your DIY projects list. Well, have a nice try on building your very own backyard fence!

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