How to Install Fence Post Quickly all By Yourself with 6 Simple Steps

As one of the most important parts of your home decor, of course, you want to have a fence that can last for years to come. It has to be able to offer its main function which is to provide good privacy and security for a long time.

Choosing wood as the main material for your backyard’s fence is never a bad idea. It’s a natural material that is considered more affordable, practical, versatile, and eco-friendly.

As you may have known, posts are like the main part of fence which determines its strength. Whether your wood fence can stay for a long time or not mostly depends on how well you install the post. Especially, when it comes to the wood fence which may experience rot, cracks, or chips, the posts should be installed as proper as possible.

Due to its practicality, a lot of homeowners choose to install the wood fence all by themselves. Of course, it’s a very good idea to save your budget since you don’t have to spend your money to pay a pro. But, you have to know the right ways to install a wood fence so it can look adorable and stay durable for years.

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Here, we share a simple tutorial on how to install fence post that you can follow easily!

How to Install Fence Post Quickly and Easily

As mentioned above, posts will determine the durability of your fence. Therefore, installing them can be a very challenging step. But, it doesn’t mean that it’s not doable, you just have to do the job carefully and properly. You may not be able to do it alone, so some help from a friend will do you good.

how to install fence post 1

Prepare these supplies:

  • 4x 4 treated fence posts (choose the ones with the straightest shape)
  • Quikrete all-purpose gravel
  • Quikrete fast-setting concrete mix

Prepare these tools:

  • Posthole digger
  • Eye goggles
  • Work gloves
  • Dust mask
  • Sharpshooter shovel
  • 1-gallon bucket
  • Carpenter’s level

Those are the supplies and tools that you need to prepare to install fence posts. Make sure that you choose the right ones that will be the key to proper fence installation.

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Dig the Holes

Let’s start by digging the holes for the posts. You’re going to use the posthole digger, wear your work gloves for safety.

  • Find out the minimum depth of the holes that you can dig for your fence posts by contacting the local building authority.
  • Commonly, a third of the length of the posts should be buried in the ground. If you can dig deeper, a half is also a good option.
  • Dig 6-inches deeper after you have determined the depth of the holes that will be used for the gravel base.
  • The diameter of the holes is 12 inches since we are using 4 x 4 posts here (three times wider than the posts).

Add the Gravel

Gravel works to provide layer which prevents the post to directly touch the soil which can lead into rotting. It also becomes a solid base for the post to settle in the ground.

  • Fill 6-inches of the hole with all-purpose gravel.
  • Tamp it down by using the posts until you get an even surface.

Add the Concrete Mix

This is the step where you need a hand from a friend and wear the safety gear as recommended above (work gloves, eye goggles, and dust mask).

  • Let your friend hold the post, place it in the center of the hole in a straight position.
  • Fill the hole with the dry concrete mix. Make sure that you add even amount.
  • Do not lift the posts while you fill the hole with concrete.
  • Leave 3 inches below the ground level.

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Add the Water

If you use 30-inches holes, you’re gonna need 5 gallons of water. Use your best calculation if you use different sizes.

  • Add the water slowly to the hole to let it saturate the concrete mix.
  • The concrete mix from Quikrete is a recommended product that you can keep in mind.

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Level the Posts

After you are sure enough that you have added a proper mixture of concrete and water, it’s time to set the posts in a level position. Remember, you have to adjust the position quickly while the concrete mix is still soft. Once it hardens, you won’t be able to level it anymore.

  • For the best result, use the carpenter’s level along the adjacent sides.
  • Press the wet concrete mix with the sharpshooter level.
  • Wait about four hours to let the concrete cure before you start building the fence. Use any support that you can find to hold the posts in place.

Finish the Posts

Now, it’s time to finish your fence posts.

  • Add some soil around the posts for a more finished look.
  • If you live in an area with a lot of rainy days, consider topping the hole of the post with sloped concrete. It will drive the water away to prevent the wood post from rotting.

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So those are the steps that you can follow to install fence post. The steps may not be really complicated, but you still have to use proper technique to install the posts properly that will hold your fence for years to come.

Without strong posts, you will not have a durable fence that you can enjoy for a long time. The harsh weather condition will eventually damage the fence, especially if you don’t have strong posts and maintain the fence properly.

Well, a have a nice try on installing the posts for your very own wood fence then!

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