How to Make a Bathroom Smell Good | DIY Regular Routine

Your spa-like bathroom can turn into a disgusting room once it smells really bad which can be caused by a lot of things. Most of the time, unpleasant smells in the bathroom can be quite inevitable.

How to Make a Bathroom Smell Good
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But no worries, keeping your bathroom look admirable and feel comfortable is actually an easy job. You can do everything all by yourself without costing you a lot.

Below, we share with you the steps that you can keep in mind in our guide on how to make a bathroom smell good for your ultimate reference.

How to Make a Bathroom Smell Good

How to Make a Bathroom Smell Good 1
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Clean regularly

Of course, you can’t expect to have a bathroom that smells good if you don’t clean it on a regular basis. A daily wiping down the sink and shower area may sound simple but it’s necessary to maintain the freshness of your room.

Besides the features of your bathroom, you also need to regularly wash the rug and towel to prevent bad smells around. If you are willing enough, a regular scrub is a good way to go.

Regular cleaning is the key to preventing your bathroom from the stinky smell that everyone will avoid using.

Invest in a small diffuser

Even a small one, an existence of a diffuser can really help to freshen your bathroom. It works by releasing the scents into your bathroom through compressed air, ultrasonics, and heat. You can always choose the scents that you love.

With its small size, you can place your diffuser in any corner of the bathroom even if you have limited space around. You can feel a spa-like nuance once you add a diffuser to your beloved bathroom.

However, you might need to be careful if you have some pets that run around your house since some essential oils can be toxic to them.

Add a scent packet

In addition to the diffuser, you can add a scene packet. It’s a more affordable solution that will make your bathroom smell good for a long time, up to 9 months. Commonly, the scent packet is filled with scented beads which are available in various options.

You can just simply place a scent packet in the spot of the room that you love. There’s no need to worry about any electrical socket to activate the fragrance.

The fragranced packet can also become a substitute for the diffuser with essential oil if you are not willing enough to handle accidental oil spills.

Get rid of damp towels

Damp towels which are unwashed are one of the biggest sources of bad smell in your bathroom. The piles of damp towels that you put on the floor can seriously create an uninviting smell all around.

Here’s what you can do to avoid this:

  1. Never fold damp towels, always hang them properly when they are still damp.
  2. Make sure that the towels are completely dry if you really need to fold them.
  3. Always wash the towels regularly, if possible, once a week wash is definitely recommended.

No matter how plush your towels are, they can still lead to mildewy problems if you leave them dampened on the floor.

Build good ventilation

A long steamy shower can create excess moisture which then leads to unpleasant smells. Open the door or the windows of your bathroom for around 10 – 15 minutes after each long shower to ensure that the air circulates properly. A good circulation system can prevent a stinky bathroom.

For a windowless bathroom, you can always run your fan.

Complete with a moisture absorber

A moisture or odor absorber is a good addition to prevent excess moisture. They work by trapping moisture and absorbing odor by using charcoal beads. You can find the ones in your local hardware store that you can purchase affordably.

In general, moisture absorbers may not look really good which can actually damage the beauty of your decor. That being said, placing them in hidden spots like behind the vanity or toilet.

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Add some greeneries

You may find that most of the bathroom decors today have some indoor plants around. They become everyone’s favorites since they can work to add a more attractive touch to the overall look of the decor and freshen the air inside.

If you prefer a natural scent. you can add strongly-scented plants like mint or lavender. Placing some close to your window can naturally spread fresh natural air that smells really good. Alternatively, placing some herb bouquets on your vanity is also a good option which requires less maintenance.

Add fragranced detergent to the toilet tank

As you may have been aware, a toilet can be another source of a stinky smell in your bathroom, so you can’t skip handling this area when you want to have a fresh bathroom.

Adding fragranced detergent or fabric softener to your toilet tank is an easy and affordable way to minimize the issue. The fragranced water will be released whenever you flush the toilet which can turn it into a source of freshness.

Use fragrant soaps

Using a fragrant soap or body wash doesn’t only treat yourself but also can make the room smell way more amazing. Consider using body wash with your favorite fragrance so you will love to smell the room all the time.

Take out the trash

A full trash bin is, of course, a serious problem that turns your gorgeous bathroom into a complete mess. You should empty the bin way before it gets full.

Always empty the bin if it’s just half full so the smell from the trash will not contaminate the room. Every time you empty the bin, add a few drops of essential oil, so a good smell will pop up whenever you open it.

So those are the steps that you can do to make a bathroom smell good. You just need to do some simple tricks and use cheap stuff to enhance the beauty and comfort of your beloved bathroom.

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