15+ Practical Ideas on How to Organize a Vanity to Try Now

A vanity is the heart of your bathroom where everything is gathered around. It’s the place where you store your bathroom stuff starting from your makeup brushes to beloved towels.

How to Organize a Vanity 1
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However, some of you may take your vanity for granted. You don’t really pay attention to keeping it nice and clean. Then, you will have an ugly bathroom in no time.

In this article, we share with you some tips and tricks on how to organize a vanity that you can add to your home decor inspiration list.

How to Organize a Vanity

How to Organize a Vanity
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Add a countertop organizer

Yes, a countertop organizer is one of the most favorite additions to enhance the beauty and comfort of your vanity. They work really well to organize small things like makeups, brushes, perfumes, etc. A transparent countertop organizer is a good option for you who have a small vanity while the opaque one should flow beautifully with the design of the vanity itself.

Match them well

You can find tons of decor items that can also work as storage stations. Choose the ones that match beautifully with your vanity to create a harmonious overall look. For instance, you can pick the ones which are made of wood if you have a rustic vanity or the glass ones if you have a sleek vanity.

Install a floating shelf

A floating shelf is a practical storage station that fits well for you who have a small vanity in a tiny bathroom. They can provide extra space to store your stuff without taking any space on the countertop. Choose the one with a thin design and install it above the faucet for a nice and clean look.

Don’t skip the drawers

You can’t really have a cozy vanity without the existence of a drawer that works great to neatly organize your stuff. To make your vanity drawers more convenient to use, you can add drawer organizers which usually come in the design of the small bin inside. It allows you to conveniently separate each particular type of stuff inside.

Consider buying a set

For those who prefer to have matching decor, you can consider buying additional storage stations in one set. Each item usually comes in a similar design and color to give a perfect harmonious nuance. You will not have to try to get a coordinated look once you buy a matching set.

Choose glass storage

Transparent storage like glass jars or boxes provides very great convenience. It allows you to see the stuff that you store and display your beloved decor items. To make it look more adorable, try to store the stuff in similar colors in each storage station like cotton balls and Q-tips altogether.

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Go with mirrored organizer

Another good additional storage for a tiny bathroom is a mirrored organizer since it offers a nice reflection. It will give a glamorous touch to the decor of your bathroom and wider impression around. You can find tons of options in the market that can suit your bathroom decor well.

Use open shelving

Open shelving is a nice addition yo your vanity that will give a unique touch to the design of your vanity. It can be placed alongside the vanity, in the center, or in one side. They allow easy access to your bathroom stuff, especially the linens.

Complete with a small shelf

Of course, a small shelf will improve the organization of your vanity (and the beauty as well). You can simply install some small shelves above your vanity which will be very useful to store your bathroom stuff like cotton swabs, small towels, or hand soaps. They are also another storage station that won’t take any space on your countertop.

Utilize the nearby space

If your vanity is too small or even doesn’t come with any countertop at all, you can utilize the nearby space around the room. The surface of your toilet and bathtub, for instance, may be enough to place some necessities. To make it more organized, consider placing a tray or dish on those surfaces.

Make it vertical

Another solution that you can keep in mind when you have a small vanity is to keep things in a vertical way. Use vertical countertop space instead of horizontally to store your stuff. In this way, you can deal with limited space which may prevent you to store what you need.

Benefit the windows

You may have your countertop, nearby space, and other storage stations full now. The next move? Check your window whether it’s possible to make it work as another storage station in your bathroom. In fact, there are a lot of homeowners who creatively use their bathroom windows to store their favorite necessities.

Maximize the space

If you are lucky enough to have a long vanity, always try your best to use as much space as possible. Avoid stacking your stuff in one spot if the empty space is abundant enough.

Repurpose other decor items

Got some small bowls in your kitchen? Bring them to your bathroom and turn them into storage stations to complete your vanity. This is a good way to add more storage stations without costing you a lot.

Give more texture and color

To make your vanity look more attractive, play with some texture and colors. It doesn’t always have to be expensive decor items, you can just use some greeneries or even storage stations made of natural materials like jute or rattan.

Build a vanity space

Are you willing to go above and beyond? Consider building a vanity space (if the space allows) that will bring the style and comfort of your bathroom to the next level. A dedicated vanity space will provide a very spacious space to keep your getting-ready necessities in a very convenient space. Of course, your bathroom will look and feel so luxurious in an instant.

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