How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom: 6 Easy and Simple Tips

What comes to your mind when you hear the word cockroaches? Spotting a single cockroach is more than enough to make us scream. Of course, not to mention the one that can fly that will only make us feel terrified and scared. We know that these pests are small but they definitely are not an easy opponent to get rid of. However, you have to make tricks to prevent them from coming often.

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom

As you may have known that once you spot a cockroach in your house, it’s a sign that you definitely have a place that they love. The kind of place that cockroaches love is a place that is dirty, damp, humid, warm, and dark. Well, these characteristics may fit a bathroom or a kitchen better, but they can also happen in your bedroom. Yes, if you’re wondering, cockroaches are able to climb your bed and you definitely don’t want them beside you while you sleep.

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom

There are some tips that we can give to prevent roaches away from your bedroom by preparing these supplies and tools:

  • Trap or baits
  • Boric Acid
  • Baking soda and sugar mixing
  • Pesticide powder/spray
  • Lavender or Peppermint essential oils

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1. Clean Up Your Bedroom Regularly

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom 1

This one is the basic step that you have to do regularly to keep your bedroom clean and free from any clutter, crumbs, leftover food, hair strains, and any other dirt. If you have tons of old newspapers, magazines, cardboard, and any paper-based stuff. Stacking these papers will only make a good shelter for roaches.

2. Keep Your Eyes On the Crumbs

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom 2

Watching your favorite TV series while eating snacks is the best feeling ever. However, please ensure to clean up the crumbs that you might not see because this small detail can be very attractive to roaches. This one might also look simple but it does affect the roaches to gather.

3. Shut Out Any Holes

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom 3

Believe it or not, roaches like to hide in a small, narrow, and tight spot like the space between your window, door, or any crack. Therefore, if you spot any cracks or holes, close them all by using anything that you have. It can be whether a tape or a fixing gel. With this method, you can at least prevent more ways for roaches to reach your comfort zone.

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4. Use Human-Friendly Pest Repellant

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom 4

There are tons of pest repellants or pesticides out there that can be very helpful but please make sure you choose the one that is safe for a human. There are also various types of them that you can choose from a gel, powder, solid, and spray. Use them in a place where you likely find roaches come from.

5. Your Own DIY Recipe

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom 5

One of the methods that you can easily make by yourself by using affordable supplies is by mixing baking soda with sugar. This mix can be placed in several spots that might be the entrance of the roaches like the corner of the door, window, or any damp corner.

6. Essentials Oils

How to Prevent Cockroaches In Bedroom 6

As for this one, it’s probably the most fun and soothing way to get rid of roaches because it gives a more pleasant ambiance to your bedroom. Based on your needs, you can dilute several drops of lavender or peppermint oils and spray it to some spots. We can say that using essential oils can be very functional because you get both the relaxing effect and also the pest prevention benefit.

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Again, since roaches love a dirty and damp area, the most important key to prevent them from coming is by keeping your bedroom as clean as possible. Even if you can’t clean your bedroom thoroughly every day, please make sure that do it once on the weekend to ensure that you don’t keep unused stuff stay in your bedroom.

Especially if you live in an area with hot weather, you have no other choice than to make sure that everything is under your control since the weather makes the room becomes damp easier. Well, we can say that the best cure to prevent cockroaches from coming is by doing a regular thorough cleaning at least once a week. Now, take a look around your bedroom and throw the stuff that you don’t use anymore away immediately!

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