How to Raise Cyanuric Acid in Pool with 3 Simple Steps Safely

Maintaining the levels of the chemical in an ideal range is one of the obligatory jobs that every pool owner should do on a regular basis. You can’t have a safe-to-use swimming pool when you don’t maintain those chemicals at a balanced level.

The balance level of pool chemicals is not only good for you but also for the pool itself. For instance, if the chlorine level is below the ideal range, you will face an algae problem and when the alkalinity is too high, you will find some stains in your pool’s surface.

So, what is actually cyanuric acid? From its name, of course, you can simply guess that it’s some kind of chemical, but how does it work to maintain your pool water? In short, cyanuric acid is chlorine’s best friend which works to stabilize the level of free chlorine.

Free chlorine – which is a type of chlorine that actually works to sanitize pool water – can get reduced when it’s exposed to sunlight. That is the time when you need cyanuric acid to help you before some problems caused by bacteria and even algae happen due to low free chlorine levels.

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Raising cyanuric acid – also known as pool stabilizer – is not a hard job, but you have to do it carefully to prevent worse problems from happening. Find out how to raise cyanuric acid in pool in a simple tutorial below.

How to Raise Cyanuric Acid in Pool Tutorial

Take a very careful measure when you are sure that you have to raise the cyanuric acid in your pool water. If you add too much, you can cause the high cyanuric acid level which will make you have to solve a more complicated case.

Test the Water

How to Raise Cyanuric Acid in Pool 1

To find out the level of cyanuric acid in your swimming pool, you have to test the level of the chemicals of the water. The ideal range of cyanuric acid is around 30 ppm to 50 ppm, so when it’s lower than 30 ppm, that’s the time when you need to raise the level.

Use a water tester strip or kit to check the level of cyanuric acid. If you want to get a more accurate result, you can use a water tester kit though the process may be more complicated.

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Add Cyanuric Acid

How to Raise Cyanuric Acid in Pool 2

When you are sure that the level of cyanuric acid is lower than the ideal range, you can add more cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid – which is produced separately from chlorine – is commonly sold in granule or liquid form. The rule of thumb is 4 lbs of cyanuric acid can raise 30 ppm of 10,000 gallons of water.

Prepare these tools:

  • Bucket
  • Wood bar
  • Rubber gloves and other protective gear like a dust mask, eye goggles, and long-sleeved shirt if necessary.

Follow these steps:

  • Calculate the amount of the cyanuric acid that you need to use by measuring the level of the cyanuric acid of the water and the volume of your pool or you can use some websites that provide the feature to calculate the pool chemicals like
  • Add the cyanuric acid to the bucket and mix it with water. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to find out the amount of water that you need.
  • Stir the mixture with a wood bar for a safer way since it may irritate your skin.
  • Pour the mixture around the perimeter of your swimming pool evenly.

Run the Pump

To evenly mix the water with cyanuric acid, you need to run the pump of your swimming pool. You need to keep it running for several hours.

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Well, that is the simple tutorial on how to raise cyanuric acid in pool that you can follow easily. Different manufacturers usually give different instructions, so you need to read the label before starting the process.

Rising the level of cyanuric acid when it’s below the ideal range should be done carefully since rising it above the recommended level can cause high cyanuric acid. To correct it, you need to partially drain the pool and add fresh water to it. So, always keep the level in a balanced range.

Well, have a nice try on stabilizing the level of the cyanuric acid of your swimming pool!

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