Two Piece Living Room Set | Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table Review

One of an interesting hobby to do is improving the living room. Making the living room to look and feel more comfortable is essential. We can always do something to make our living room to be the special spot for spending much time.

This kind of hobby is helping you to make your cheer up the atmosphere around your house too. If you love your living room so much, you will do everything to make it better and better, right?

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First thing of doing the improvement, you will make some differences from the before. It can be something like changing the concept or installing new furniture to your living room.

You need something beautiful which can decorate the living room elegantly and also provide the function that supports your daily activities. Yeah, maybe the table is the answer, especially the table set in two pieces. Two piece table set can be very useful, they come in various tempting designs to enhance the beauty of your living room.

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If you are going to install the two piece table set, we recommend you one product by the Furniture of America which is the Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table. This glossy table set will make your living room more beautiful, comfortable, and better. It is totally suitable for your living room improvement.

To ensure you to buy the product, here we will give you the review of the Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table first.

Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table Review

Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table
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This Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table comes in the modern sophisticated design. The table combines the curvy and sleek line style perfectly which creates a distinctive geometric impression.

The table set is very attracting beside of its real function to put some stuff. You will get some spacious storages underneath its tabletop which is absolutely useful.

The glossy finish increases the modern touch of the set that will make the table becomes the main focal point of your living room. It available in black and white color which is so beautiful to make your living room more looks modern.

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This table set is constructed of wood which feels so sturdy at the first time you touch it. Then, the metal legs in chrome finish support the table very well.


This Inomata Geometric High Gloss Table can be easily cleaned. You just need the water and the unused cloth to wipe the dirty traces on the table surfaces.

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Wood and some piece of metal make this set sturdy which is good for a long time use. You don’t have to worry about the quality of this recommended table set for your living room.


To display this table set inside your living room you just have to spend your money about $682.64. You can get the two piece modern living room set with such affordable price. This is great, isn’t it?


Product Type Table Set
Set Includes Coffee Table & End Table
Dimension Coffee Table: 16″ H x 47.25″ W x 23.5″ D

End Table: 22″ H x 23.5″ W x 23.5″ D

Shape Rectangle
Material Wood and Metal
Style Modern, Contemporary, and Urban
Color Black and White

This product is totally recommended to buy if you are looking for a beautiful table with built-in useful storages. We can say that the table is flawless regarding its design and quality.

The only thing to consider is that perhaps you’ll need other luxurious furniture to match side by side with the table like leather sofas for instance. Then, its design is also more suitable to decorate the modern living room.

Keep improving your living room!

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