25+ Enchanting Khaki Living Room Inspiration for Chic Decor

It can be quite confusing when you have to choose one particular color to style up your living room. You will face tons of options which kinda overwhelm you.

Not only the basic colors, but you will also find various shades. For instance, when you want to go with blue, you have to determine the right shade which comes from the color like baby blue, pewter blue, ocean blue, pastel blue, and so on.

Khaki is one of the most stylish shades which basically comes from brown. It looks like the lighter shade of brown with more greenish or yellowish appearance.

When it comes to home decoration, khaki will give a chic neutral overall look with a very comforting nuance. It’s a neutral tone which is warmer than grey, so you can use it as an alternative to create a simple decor.

As a neutral shade, of course, khaki is quite friendly to match with other colors. Either you use it as the background or accent color, khaki will never fail to make your home look stylish and feel cozy at the same time.

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Here, we have picked dozens of gorgeous khaki living room ideas which will totally inspire you.

Best Khaki Living Room Ideas

Khaki Living Room: Simple Decorative Nuance

khaki living room 1

Khaki colorized the wall in this living room which gives a chic warm overall look. The fireplace blanket in white with detail then add a brighter and more decorative touch beautifully. Then, the gorgeous grey living room set with nailhead trim becomes the attractive focal point which complement the khaki walls stylishly with its neutral tone.

Khaki Living Room: Soothing Warm Decor

khaki living room 2

The combination of khaki walls with brown sofa and deep wood table in this living room creates a warm nuance in a very admirable way. Those pewter blue curtains give a simply surprising color touch which soothes the warmth of the room uniquely.

Khaki Living Room: Decorative Traditional Style

khaki living room 3

A catchy khaki living room with vintage pieces of furniture for you who love traditional decorating style. Tons of wall arts decorate the room which create an attractively decorative nuance which beautify its khaki background color. You can see the beadboard accent completes the decor which makes it look even catchier.

Khaki Living Room: Gorgeous Warm Decor

khaki living room 4

Khaki wall, greenish sofas, and wood flooring complement each other gorgeously which creates a cozy warm atmosphere. The room has a catchy traditional decor with some classic and ethnic decor items and accessories.

Khaki Living Room: Bright Airy Room

khaki living room 5

Here, the lighter shade of khaki is chosen to colorize the walls which look warmly bright. The furniture and accessories with similar tone create a nice harmonious nuance while its wood flooring in espresso finish gives a bolder touch. Some indoor plants complete the decor which make the room feel much fresher.

Khaki Living Room: Earthy Brownish Decor

khaki living room 6

The pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories in brown and wood tone fill this khaki living room. They create a beautiful earthy nuance with a cozy vibe that everyone will totally adore.

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Just keep scrolling to check out more khaki living room ideas that you will totally love!

khaki living room 7


khaki living room 8


khaki living room 9


khaki living room 10

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khaki living room 11


khaki living room 12


khaki living room 13


khaki living room 14


khaki living room 15

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khaki living room 17


khaki living room 18


khaki living room 19



khaki living room 20


khaki living room 21


khaki living room 22


khaki living room 23


khaki living room 24


khaki living room 25

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So those are some beautiful khaki living room Inspirations that we have picked just for you. Of course, you can use those ideas as the ultimate references when you are about to choose the right color for your very own living room.

For sure, you will never go wrong to choose khaki to colorize your living room. It’s a very good option to be the background or accent color of the room.

There are some tips that you can keep in mind when you choose khaki to style up your living room:

Tips to Decorate a Khaki Living Room

Make it Sophisticated

Since khaki is a shade with neutral look, you can pair with with almost all color options. To make the decor look more sophisticated, you can add some pieces of furniture, decor items, and accessories in bold or vibrant finishes like navy, maroon, or even black. They will give a rich tone when they are used as the focal point inside a living room with khaki background color.

Make it Casual

If you prefer to make your khaki living room look more casual, the softer yet colorful tones are good options. Denim blue, lime green, blushing pink, or light orange are some good additional colors that you can consider.

Make it Earthy

The brownish and greenish tone of khaki make it perfect to complement the earthy elements. Therefore, the wood tones, botanical patterns, and indoor plants will beautifully style up a khaki living room.

Make it Vintage or Country

Besides creating earthy nuance, wood tones (especially the distressed one) will give a chic vintage or country touch to a khaki living room. The muted tones are the good options if you have this kind of decorating style. In addition, some curves, details, and ornate will complete the room perfectly.

Make it Neutral

Instead of adding colorful touch, you can style up a khaki living room with other neutral tones like grey, white, or beige. They will make the room look stylish in a more simple way with a cozy restful atmosphere.

Well, just choose the best khaki living room idea which suit your needs and taste, then start decorating your beloved living room now!

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