Kitchen Flooring Ideas | The Top 6 Trends of The Year

Your kitchen comprises different structures and materials that contribute to its total aesthetic appeal, functionality, and accessibility. Guided with thorough planning, you will be able to incorporate the windows, vents, sink, kitchen island, cabinets, grease duct access panels, ceiling, flooring, and other parts of the kitchen well without disrupting your kitchen’s design. 

Kitchen Flooring Ideas | The Top 6 Trends of The Year

You might think that kitchen floors are just a tiny detail in your kitchen, but it is one of the essential structures that can impact the total interior design. Choosing the right flooring option is never easy. There are critical things to consider when it comes to kitchen floors to ensure that your floor will perform best. Whether at home, at a commercial office, or in a restaurant, the kitchen is one of the places where foot traffic is high, and many things can happen there that can damage the floor.  

Are you searching for inspiring new kitchen flooring to elevate one of your most-used rooms? Take a look at the top 12 kitchen flooring ideas that homeowners and establishment owners opt for.  

1. Bamboo Flooring 

Bamboo flooring is an eco-friendly alternative to synthetic and chemical-manufactured kitchen flooring options. Even better is that bamboo trees grow faster than others, allowing them to be used to make flooring without drastically harming the environment. This flooring gives a unique and earthy appearance because it is a natural material, warm underfoot, warm color, with a beautiful grain.  

Bamboo is impressively strong, making it an excellent material for kitchen flooring as it can handle everyday use. Unfortunately, its soft surface makes it prone to scratches, and it tends to absorb water which can affect its longevity.

2. Concrete Flooring 

Concrete kitchen flooring will easily tolerate the highest traffic and activity. This is perfect if you need kitchen flooring ideas for a busy kitchen. It is also a flexible material since concrete can be polished, stained, and waxed to give you various coatings depending on your preference and the style of your kitchen. 

Since the kitchen is one of the most used areas in any home, concrete flooring is easy to clean, wipe and maintain; this material is extra durable. Even better is that flooring experts have finally started experimenting with colors if you want a more customized option. Unfortunately, it can be prone to injuries, cracks, and mold growth because of its solid surface. 

3. Cork Flooring 

Cork materials make a unique kitchen flooring alternative as it enhances an entirely different texture from any other kitchen flooring materials so readily available. It has a soft underfoot, and an excellent heat insulator and sound barrier make it a great option if you are in an apartment building where loud noises are not allowed. Conversely, cork is easy to damage and stain due to its soft density and is prone to fading over time. 

4. White Laminate Flooring 

 An all-white wood-effect laminate is an excellent choice if your kitchen ambiance is darker, and you need to lighten up the area and make it feel larger than it is. The wood effect allows them to be light in color without being too cold-looking. 

 Laminate flooring is inexpensive to buy and install and ages with a beautiful time-worn patina. It is also quite durable and water-resistant. The only unfortunate event with laminate kitchen flooring can be that it is complex to repair when working with a large company compared to smaller tiled options. 

5. Rubber Flooring 

Contractors commonly use this flooring material in gymnasiums and stadiums, but it does not mean that it is not suited for kitchen use. Rubber flooring is durable and non-slip. In addition, you can choose recycled rubber flooring if you opt for environmentally friendly alternative products. It is also easy to clean, so you will not have to worry about putting so much effort into cleaning. However, this material might be on the expensive side. 

6. Hexagonal Tiles 

Geometric patterns are now making a statement in recent years. You can also mostly see it in floorings. Contrast white kitchen floor tiles with a dark-colored wall or mix and match colors to create an exciting pattern and unique vibe. If you adore the pastel palette for your kitchen tiles, you can incorporate it with grey styled kitchen, and we guarantee you it will be a standout. 

There are still many flooring materials out in the market. But before you purchase, ensure that you list all the distinctive characteristics you need for the flooring you want, and make sure that the flooring material you choose is also right within your budget. 

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