Grand Resort Patio Furniture Review | Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set

Looking for the right outdoor furniture sometimes can be a hard thing to do. A lot of products are offered at affordable prices with some interesting design. With that circumstance, it is so possible that you get a poor quality furniture.

Different from the indoor furniture, you should be more meticulous in choosing the one to place outdoor. Durability is the most-talked issue when you are selecting an outdoor furniture. The quality should be considered well to avoid the bad experience after you have purchased some tables and chairs for your patio.

Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set feature

Credit: Sears

Grand Resort Patio Furniture is a trusted trademark under the Sears Brand which produces various high-quality outdoor furniture. They have a lot of products which are very recommended to buy due to its quality and design.

The Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set is a product that deserves your attention when you shop for a furniture to decor your small patio. It is such a beautiful and reliable bistro set that can be your good reference, and below is the brief review regarding the product.

Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set

Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set 3

Credit: Sears

With $522.49, you will get two lovely wicker chairs and one coffee table. The seats are provided with round cushions to add comfort when you sit on. They are all finished in the same tan color which makes it easy to place in both traditional or modern style patio.

Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set

Credit: Sears

The chair is simply beautiful with its traditional basket design. The seat space is deep enough, making the chair a good company for your reading time. Made from resin wicker, the chairs is durable to face all weather conditions.

The cushions and accents pillows are included to complete the chair’s comfortability. The weather resistant fabric in a nice tan color also enhance the look of the chair. The Mediterranean style accent pillows beautifully match with the chair overall design. With 275 lbs weight, the chair’s construction is sturdy enough to use for years.

Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set 2

Credit: Sears

The simple yet lovely round bistro table is designed in the same all-weather wicker style. This cute table is good to put some glasses or cups while you enjoy the summer air in your outdoor space. The design of the table allows you to put some stuff underneath, quite useful when you have to put some books or newspapers.

As the table is perhaps too small for some people, it can be the only downside of this product. It can be difficult for you to put some snacks on the table top. The space underneath may be the solution for this problem, but still not really convenient to use.


  • Lovely design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Deep seats


  • Small table size, can’t occupy many glasswares

Overall, this Lovington 3 Piece Bistro Set is highly recommended for you who are looking for a high-quality bistro set. The construction is sturdy, the design is so gorgeous, and the comfort is not disappointing, that’s why the price is quite high but totally worth it. Forget the small size of the table, this product is perfect to put on your patio.


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